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Krita Brushkit v8.2 update

update [8.2] : 10 new brushes!

Hi dear deviant-friends;  All this big work couldn't be possible without the 
support of my patrons.
This brushkit is a free bonus on the way of more episodes for my webcomic 
A big big thanks to them, and also to all of you for the super comments I receive each episode I post here. 

Download the bundle :…
or mirror:…

To install the bundle:

Note: compatible with Krita 2.9.11 and Krita 3.x
  1. Download deevad-v8-2.bundle file on your disk.
  2. Open Krita and go to the top menu :  Setting > Manage Ressources
  3. In the 'Manage Resources Bundle' dialog appearing; press the top 'Import Bundles' button.
  4. Select the file deevad-v8-2.bundle on your disk , using the file explorer appearing on your screen, then finish by pressing 'Open'
  5. The icon of the brushkit should appears under 'Active bundle' ( the left column )
  6. Press OK on the 'Manage Resources Bundle' dialog.
  7. To end, I advice you to close and restart Krita: this way you'll have the brush tag deevad-v8-2 in your 'Brush Preset docker' to filter them.
  8. Have fun with painting!
( To uninstall: Setting > Manage Ressources, then 'Open resource folder', and delete the bundle file in the bundle folder. Restart Krita.)


This brushes are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0  to "David Revoy,".
This attribution is necessary in case of redistributing, commercializing, or modifying the brush kit.
This attribution is not necessary in case of usage (you can paint any artwork you want with it, you still own totally your artwork).
This attribution is not necessary in case of doing screenshot/screenrecording of Krita and have the brushkit visible. 


Sources are available here :…
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Its super useful!

Love your comics. Thank you for brushes!!!

darkKiell's avatar

_nice _ But, does'nt import into 3.12 (bundle not show at all) thanx

EDIT: (Does work , just Import right way) Thanx :love:

SongYongBin's avatar

muchas gracias por los pinceles, eres muy amable:hug:

Egelmami's avatar
thank you so much this bundle is awesome! 
naty905's avatar
lukkesmith's avatar
help, I downloaded the pack and It wont appear .
lukkesmith's avatar
nvm , I just took the file out of the folder
rhomee's avatar
Thank you so much for these awesome brushes!
Teparda's avatar
They are all beautiful! <3 It will help me so much ! :) Thank u again. 
Catsophina's avatar
Isnt putting the brushes/presents onto my krita. What the hell.
Catsophina's avatar
nevermind im stupi
frostedEyes's avatar
Could I have some help please, I've downloaded the bundle and I have Krita 3.1.2 but when I got to importing the bundle at step 3, I can't find the bundle even though I go to the folder I've placed it under, could someone please help me figure this out? Thanks, I can't wait to mess around with this bundle!!
frostedEyes's avatar
Oh wait never mind, I've figured it out
ArcheryandDragons's avatar
so how did you figure it out
NazLuffy's avatar
great job, i love it <3
DearestJester's avatar
wow. might have to get Krita again just for this great brushset xD
Steven-Powers-SMP's avatar
Thank you David.  Krita has come along way.
OnikaALee's avatar
Will it duplicate the brushes I currently have in this pack?
Four-Skulls's avatar
While I like the brushes, there's something I can't wrap my head around.  Why are they so freaking huge?  Maybe it's a Kritia thing, since I'm coming from CSP, but most of the brushes just seem best used at a large size.
Astrokiwi's avatar
Great job David! :la: :heart:
NadjaGrosspietsch's avatar
That's awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! Sanji (Heart Eye) [V2] 
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