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This painting represent a "keeper" ( "Guardienne" in French ). She's a spirit I created working as a sailor keeper, waiting them all the night when the lighthouse have a problem. She have a dark side I symbolized with a "Chtulhu haircut" but in overall she's a good spirit.

This artwork is not new : it's a remix from a painting I did in February 2009 with Ps2, just before I totally switched to Linux and open-sources ( a week or two before ? ). It's a 5130x7000 pixels and I knew I couldn't do anymore hi-res painting because even if Mypaint or Gimp-painter were awesome at this time ; let say they were handling really bad this hi-resolution on equivalent hardware compare to Win+Ps2. I remixed it nowadays using Krita on my Kubuntu Linux KDE system :tux: ; the development version ( equivalent almost to the next 2.6 ) with all speed and performance improvement ... easy and making me happy to work hi-res on Linux ( my hardware is also 4 time better than at this time too ).

I repainted fully her face and fixed a bit the drapery, reduced her breast. Original one is still on various CG gallery if you want to have a look [link] ... btw, it will be hard to update all version spread on the Internet...
I wanted to paint her prettier, and I thought I had to do it to give her justice.

  • What do you think about remix ?

  • Is it a taboo for you to fix an older artwork ?

Licensed under a CC-By-Nc-Nd : Reposting and usage of the artwork is free, allowed and encouraged, providing credits "Artwork :" but any usage of the artwork for commercial purposes or manipulations, derivations are strictly prohibited. Full license : [link] For commercial usage contact me.
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Très réussi. ^^