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This painting represent a "keeper" ( "Guardienne" in French ). She's a spirit I created working as a sailor keeper, waiting them all the night when the lighthouse have a problem. She have a dark side I symbolized with a "Chtulhu haircut" but in overall she's a good spirit.

This artwork is not new : it's a remix from a painting I did in February 2009 with Ps2, just before I totally switched to Linux and open-sources ( a week or two before ? ). It's a 5130x7000 pixels and I knew I couldn't do anymore hi-res painting because even if Mypaint or Gimp-painter were awesome at this time ; let say they were handling really bad this hi-resolution on equivalent hardware compare to Win+Ps2. I remixed it nowadays using Krita on my Kubuntu Linux KDE system :tux: ; the development version ( equivalent almost to the next 2.6 ) with all speed and performance improvement ... easy and making me happy to work hi-res on Linux ( my hardware is also 4 time better than at this time too ).

I repainted fully her face and fixed a bit the drapery, reduced her breast. Original one is still on various CG gallery if you want to have a look [link] ... btw, it will be hard to update all version spread on the Internet...
I wanted to paint her prettier, and I thought I had to do it to give her justice.

  • What do you think about remix ?

  • Is it a taboo for you to fix an older artwork ?

Licensed under a CC-By-Nc-Nd : Reposting and usage of the artwork is free, allowed and encouraged, providing credits "Artwork :" but any usage of the artwork for commercial purposes or manipulations, derivations are strictly prohibited. Full license : [link] For commercial usage contact me.
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Très réussi. ^^
mina133's avatar
It's bewitching me!!! Scintillating!!
I Love it!!
stipend's avatar
another wonderful piece :) thanks for creating such imaginative pieces!
lorenzArts's avatar
Amazing work!!!!
blanket86's avatar
This is so beautiful! Very nice style and colours! I love this drawing! :-)
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When I want to improve on an old drawing I prefer to restart from scratch. I realized that most of the problems in my older drawings lie at the very beginning, during the concept and sketch part. Plus, it's fun to see the changes in techniques and mastering of different aspects of a drawing, comparing on the same subject.
Just my opinion, of course =)
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Gorgeous! Love the water and the detail in her hear. And hearing your story!
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Having gone back to some of my own older works in the past I'm certainly not against revisiting on work. As long as the image's basic idea is solid, why not improve it with one's current level of skills?

You are as usual very good with a muted palette and you apply an interesting mix of photo-realism (water, environment, face) with stylized lines (notably her hair whose curls looks very stylized even before turning into an octopus). I like this contrast, works very well.

Comparing the faces before and after I find that the new version looks slightly younger (this could also be partly related to her -ahem- less ample forms in the new version ;)). In the old image I think her nose makes her look a bit "Ancient Greek", something I feel to maybe be more thematically fitting. She is possibly a tad prettier in the new version though.

So she is very beautiful throughout but I have a rather hard time judging her expression (in both old and new version).
Apart from her very cool pose atop that rock she does not really strike me as very "guarding" - she's more looking thoughtful, staring into nothingness. Somehow I would have expected a "Guardienne" to have a more intent, concentrated expression as she stares out over the ocean ... but of course this is all just my personal speculations from the title and imagining the story behind this. :)

Very nice work here, but I must say the original was really very good already. :)
Steven-Powers-SMP's avatar
I like the mood of this painting. Very nice work.
artao's avatar
Stop making such awesome art Deevad!! You're making me feel inadequate LOL
WoWoW as usual.
Deevad's avatar
Thanks Artao :butterfly:
kram1032's avatar
- I really believe in "everything is a remix"
- revision never is taboo: when is artwork ever done?
- beautiful painting. Calm and dark.
Deevad's avatar
Hey thanks kram. I saw a series of video about 'everything is a remix' on Vimeo a year ago.
Good to remember about it.
kram1032's avatar
:D Yes, that's what I was refering to :)
It really is an awesome series.
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The best thing I like about the new one is the change in expression. In the older version, she has a very stern, stiff expression almost as if she is plotting something in her mind with a purpose. Now she is more relaxed, with a casual gaze and not worrying too much about what's going on around her, which IMHO, suits her personality and the setting more.
Deevad's avatar
Thanks and true. I didn't know if i painted the older that stiff because of a inside feeling I had at this moment or because of technical limitation.
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Cthulhu haircut :D

Nice remix, i like it better now.

I don't think of remix as a taboo,
but it's definitely dangerous, since you might forget how to finish things.
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Thanks. Good point about the never ending 'finish' .
johnnydwicked's avatar
I remember this. :D

No, it isn't taboo to fix older work.

Looks good. :D
Deevad's avatar
Thanks Johnny , i'm glad to hear all positive feedbacks very open of deviant around about it.
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I think remix is good & fix an older work is not a taboo as long as the result is good. :D
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