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GNU/Linux Portrait

Here is a personal 'portrait' artwork. A bit unusual compare to my previous portraits and probably a bit more 'digital' than 'painting' this time. But it's a concept I had in mind since a long time and wanted to paint it on this rainy Sunday afternoon at home.

If you don't know who is on the picture, on left it's Richard Stallman and on right it's Linus Torvalds. They both are great men. I hope one day I'll be able to meet them.

It was done with Krita, Inkscape and Gmic. it's a A3 300dpi, CC-By , hi-resolution file on the 'Download button'.
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Well, I thought that guy over left was John Lennon :) Even started singing "Imagine" in my thoughts :P
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It's a beautiful concept :) Very inspiring! I wish your dream will come true!
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int main()
("You did a very good job on this one! This is amazing!");
return 0;
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Nice :) thanks!
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WOW!!!! Very nice.
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Favorite OS forever! =)
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Nice portrait ! As gk-sudo said in previous ccomment. the text also does a good job in telling the goal of both people.
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Thank you Raghukamath !
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I think it's really interesting the way you have the GNU License text on Stallman's side and the C code on Torvald's side. That way, the text does both jobs of bringing the portraits together and juxtaposing their different contributions to the Free Software movement.
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Thank you Gk-sudo!
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