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Free Krita brush-presets

My free, minimalist, compact, with black&white thumbnail brushpreset kit for the free and open-source software Krita.
Designed for my own productivity. for less color pollution on screen, and tested during monthes incrementally on github.

Download : to download the ZIP press the 'Download Button' on the top-right column of this very Deviant-art page. 

a. Digital brush, rounded, flat, angular. Opacity on pressure. F symbol = flow opacity.
b. Expressive brushes
c. Rakes or textured strokes
d. Mixbrushes and blend tools
e. Stamp / textures, cloudy, grungy
f. Hard texture and chalks
h. Tools : Eraser, Warp, Alchemy, Clone,Line.  

Compatibility : With Krita 2.8 serie

License : Brushes CC-0 /public domain . Demo picture on this page : CC-By , attributed to David Revoy.

Installation : Unzip, and copy/paste the folders into your Krita user-preference directory : screenshot on Linux .
You can open your preference directory inside Krita : Edit > Ressources > Open Resources Folder.
Restart Krita.

Support : If you need support for installing brush in your operating system, connect now to the Krita developper chat here . Fill a nickname and ask your questions, someone will reply to help you. (Note : It can take some time, be patient ).

Versions: this is V5.0, previous releases pages : V4.0 | V3.0 | V2.1 | V1.0a

On Github :…
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Installation worked. Usage is a different story. All i get is a black blotch, or a green blotch etc.

What are the actual Krita settings to use the brushes?

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Wow, thank you!
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awesomt thanks
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Does anyone know if these work with v3.0? These look really nice and I'd like to add them, that is if they work ^^;
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Which preset do you recommend for Lineart?
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krita already has some pretty good lineart brushes installed, maybe try those out
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What one makes it easier to paint fur?
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Good looking fur is always complex ; but a brush stamp/tip with multiple dot tends to ease the first steps.
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You can make a brushes for mypaint? 
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I just recently started the switch to Krita, and used your previous brush pack as a starting point for my personal brush set. I'm interested to see what's new in this one! :)
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Excellent, need to take a look at this brushkit too, has been using v4.0 before.
is this brush compatible with photoshop?
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No, these are specifically for the Free and Open Source painting software Krita. Krita has it's own powerful brush engines that can do all kinds of crazy things.

These are not simply the texture brushes you are used to in Photoshop, they have all kinds of unique behavior to them.

I suggest you to try it out, it's very powerful, and available for both Windows, Mac and Linux.
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amazing!! i love the witch on the left :3
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Thanks ! Her name is Pepper, and she is the main character of the webcomic I started in may :… , I think I'll draw her a lot on the next years, because the series meet a good success and it's very encouraging to continue. Your comment is also encouraging ;-)
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wooah...~ that sounds really interesting! :iconyuiwahplz: i might check it out sometime1! :iconchitandaneplz: thank you and your welcome! :D
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