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For Krita 2.9, tested on Linux. Note: I don't own Windows or MacOsx system.
Brushes removed from previous V6 version can be found on the Bundle folder.
Repository on Github

Download :

Source code ( zip )
Source code ( tar.gz )
Bundle ( deevad.bundle )

Manual install

To install, download, decompress, and paste the resulting folders ( 'brushes' / 'paintoppreset' and 'patterns' ,etc... ) into your Krita user preference directory. You can open your preference directory in Krita this way : Setting > Manage Ressources > Open Resource Folder. For Linux users, here is the direct path : /home/<username>/.kde/share/apps/krita

Bundle install

To install, download the file , then import it in Krita this way : Setting > Manage Ressources > Import Bundle/Resources.
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I downloaded all three, yet I can't find this when I opened the resource folder? I searched through every folder.
EVILMEL0N's avatar
where the hell were you all the time? haha thank you for introduce Krita :D
ChloeTehBanana's avatar
Oh wow Thanks for this!!
Freimgul's avatar
This bundle is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this for free!
ArisaWall's avatar
Thank you so much for the bundle!!
MarieWalkerJournal's avatar
cool brush but i use krita in win 10 whats is the drectory so? Would appreciate any help
J--Gray's avatar
Thanks for this. I've been using Krita for a few weeks now, and now that I am comfortable with it I noticed that I didn't like the feel of most of the standard brushes. This pack is awesome and every brush I have tried has felt 'just right' to use.
xs-deviant's avatar
Thanks Wow this rocks. It should be pickedup as a standard in Krita.
frostedEyes's avatar
hey I'm just trying to Bundle install these brushes but when I click on import bundle/resources, it won't let me select the 'zip' file type. Could you please help me?
Sparrowflight14's avatar
The Import Bundle/Resources function would only support .bundles, I think. Take a peek inside the .zip and take the .bundles out, then import them in. I use Krita for all my art, I hope this helps!
KazeSkyfox's avatar
For some reason, trying to download the bundle on palemoon crashed my browser - I'm not sure if that's just a palemoon thing or firefox thing in general but I used iron to download them and it worked. I figured I'd mention it if someone else ran into that issue.
tamaraR's avatar
I was (and still really am excited to try Krita and your brushes) but for some reason I cannot get the brushes to be displayed on the side like you have in your sample image. Maybe just my lack of experience with the program. I also have the feeling that the brushes are displayed either way too blurry or too sharp when I use the program.
Thanks for providing these. Hopefully I'll figure it out.
kaichi1342's avatar
Thanks and i gotta say, I love your brushes. I use the sponge and blocker brush alot from the previous  set.
Thanks Deevad :). for this sets and your contribution to FOSS community :)
ReaperroseHaunted's avatar
Which names are the drawing tools? And where in brush setting would i find them?
WhiteLilyDragon's avatar
I'm trying all of these brushes tonight, and I'm very happy with their effects! (Splats and smear brushes being personal favorites.) I've never felt more spoiled for choice with the extra variety that comes from this brush set. Krita already has tons of brushes, and this makes it even better.

Thanks for making Krita's toolbox more awesome!
BloodyWing's avatar
Hi David. You removed some of the fine brushes, what happened to them? I totally love the new version of the Basic concept brush.
Deevad's avatar
Hi Pierre! I bundled the removed brush from V6 into a V6_Recycle bundle (… ). They are optimized and cleaned too for 2.9.7 as V7 are. I'll keep doing this type of extra pack for the brush I remove in future. 
Jahary's avatar
Thank you!!!
OrangeHekset's avatar
How do you change the size of the Dot Tones Pattern brush like you did in the last example? I dont understand how you got different sizes/kinds.
I'm pretty new to Krita, but I'd like to make it my go to program.
Deevad's avatar
It's in the brush editor , I made this screenshot for you :
Good luck !
OrangeHekset's avatar
Thank you so much! You're a great teacher
Armored-Cross187's avatar
Hmm...I guess I need to update my Krita program.

Those stamps would really help out my environment creations
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