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Political Map of the Ferrum Empire by DeethIrteen Political Map of the Ferrum Empire :icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 2 15
The Emperor's New Foes: Chapter 1
Holding the fate of an entire empire in one's hands is a far cry from flipping pizzas in the air. And soon Cerven would find himself seated on that throne. There was so much to learn, and so little time left. At least he could focus his mind on something similar, such as slicing training dummies in half with his blade.
It was a bright spring day in the month of Ovi. Cerven Ferrum stood in the center of a large training arena. The sun beat down on Cerven’s neck as he held his sword, Ace of Spades, in a riposte stance. He was surrounded on all sides by a series of wooden dummies. Said dummies were all magically enchanted to move and act like roaming warriors. Cerven had already felled three of them, but half a dozen more lifted their weapons in preparation of attacking.
“Alright… Cerven wiped the green hair out of his eyes and shifted into a two-handed stance. “Come on, then!”
Three of the dummies on Cerven’s left flank shifted to strike, only for seve
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 8 4
Accept No Substitutes by DeethIrteen Accept No Substitutes :icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 2 0
Day 6: A little story (vore?)
Let me tell you a story, human.
For thousands of years, there’s been a single dragon curled up and laying in deep slumber at the edge of civilization. All life surrounding this dragon’s body was drained from the soil into her body, so that no other life can grow there.
This dragon is, or was, known as Solstice, the daughter of the Sun and Moon.
Solstice is the dragoness from which the entire race spawned. She gave her very life force so that dragons could exist. The world of Theia was her gift to the dragon race; it was theirs to rule as they saw fit.
Every few years, young dragons, at the age of accountability, are asked to make the greatest sacrifice; they must give up their life-force to give unto the sleeping Solstice. They are called Tributaries, and their sacrifice weighs heavy on every adult dragon.
The search for a more effective way to revive Solstice has been the prime focus of the Draconic Quorum.
The Quorum is made up of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the seve
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 10 17
Day5ish: The Viceroy (dragon/vore story)
Samantha was terrified. She sat cross-legged in her little cage as it moved down the line. Several other cages were stocked up and slowly being transferred into the gargantuan office room. Soon enough, it would be her turn to face the Grand Viceroy.
Samantha was just over twenty years old when the dragons came for her. She was part of several families who lived in the human lands that belonged to dragon kind. No amount of begging or pleading would get her saved; she was to become a dragon’s servant today.
But not just any dragon had claimed Samantha. No, it just had to be Aprynn.
Aprynn, one of the seven Dragon Elders, was in charge of all monetary affairs in the great city of Sanctus Arcus. He sat at his desk in his fancy merchant’s outfit as he went over various important documents. Though his outfit barely fit him: He was quite rotund for a dragon. And many rumors floated about concerning Aprynn’s sweet tooth for humans. It wasn’t IF he was going to eat Saman
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 11 6
Day 4: Happiness in Servitude (Macro/Micro story)
The alarm went off at six in the morning. Chet Galen and several other humans were rudely awoken. Chet brushed his brown hair out of his eyes and went to put on his uniform. It was going to be a busy day in the forge, like always.
But Chet didn’t live in a regular forge: It was built to resemble a massive, metal desk in a dragon’s office.
After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Chet and a few of his friends came to wait in the assignment room. Different humans did different jobs on different days. Chet had his hopes set on working in the smithy shop today.
The foreman stepped into a door with a wooden clipboard. He ran a finger over the paper as he walked down the line.
“Jenkins, Marco, you’ll be in the woodworks shop today.” The foreman said.
“Yes, sir.”
“Next, Tina Chambers and Margaret Galen are to get to work in the smithy.” The foreman continued. “We’ve got a lot of orders to fill.”
The two ladies saluted.
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 10 11
A godly love
The time had come once again. Callahan, the famed young ruler of the kingdom of Cairn, sat upon his bed in his private chamber. He was awaiting the arrival of the goddess who guided him on his journey to become this nation’s ruler. It had been three months since she’d last come, and she was due for a visit this night.
The windows opened of their own accord and a string of moonlight flowed in. The light shifted and hardened to take the shape of a proud and fair woman.
“Lady Cassandra…” He said with a warm smile.
“Hello again, my lover.” She replied happily.
Cassandra was the goddess of Love and Valor; a patron deity of the kingdom of Cairn for centuries. She wore the same ornate dress she always wore when she came to see her little hero. Black linen covered her form, though much of her cleavage was left exposed to entice him.
Cassandra had guided many heroes to victory over the years, and at first Callahan was no exception. But through hard work
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 1 3
Mature content
Day 3: Gods stomping in the city? (dragon story) :icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 7 3
Day 2: The intruder (dragon story)
A young human woke up with a headache in the middle of a huge jungle. He had no clue how he got there. As he rubbed his eyes, he could smell smoke coming from nearby. The young man glanced over to see the remains of a crashed airship.
It wasn’t very big by airship standards: Barely enough room for a crew of six. And yet Wesley barely saw any signs of the crew, either living or dead. The whole thing was snapped in half, the latter side of which being on fire.
“Hoo boy…” He scratched his head. “Was I flying that thing? I guess I’m bad at it.”
Upon closer inspection, the bow of the airship was impaled by a large spear; it was almost bigger than the airship itself.
“What in the world…?” The human grimaced. He backed up and stepped on something: a wallet. He picked it up and looked at the ID.
“Wesley McGregor…” He said aloud. “I guess that’s my name.”
The foliage nearby began to rustle. Something
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 12 0
Day 1: A cottage in the forest (vore story)
A young man named Benjamin made his way through the chilly air of the savannah. He couldn’t recall how he wound up so alone on these plains. One minute he was relaxing with his friends at a fancy party in a high-rise hotel, the next he was pulling leaves out of his mouth. There didn’t seem to be any signs of civilization for miles around. So he kept himself close to the forest to get some shelter under the trees.
But there, in the middle of the tree lining, Benjamin saw the markings of a path. Several trees were knocked over, with claw marks scratched into them. Ben knelt down to study the path and markings; whatever made them, it was BIG. But instead of being the clues to some rabid animal, the scratches closely resembled tally marks. Said marks increased in numerical value with each passing tree. Something was keeping track of the trees.
“If they’re intelligent, then maybe they can help me out.” Benjamin decided. “It’s better than staying str
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 27 7
Riders of the Empire: A TCG Prototype
Both players start with a standard 50-card deck, with an additional 10-card Deep Magic deck. The game starts with both players drawing six cards. The player who goes first automatically gains 1 point of MP.
The deck ratio is thus: 10 mortal cards, 10 dragon cards, 20 magic cards, 10 equip/field cards. A general rule of thumb is to have your mortal and dragons cards always at a 1 to 1 for the purpose of dragon assists (explained below).
Draw Phase - Active player draws a card and gains 1 MP. (The maximum amount of MP is 10.)
Standby Phase - Nothing special happens here, only really used for effects.
Main Phase 1 & 2 - Active player can play/set various equip and magic cards. One character card can be played/set per turn, with an additional assist included the next turn (neither player can directly attack until the start of their second turns.) Active player’s set cards from previous turn can be flipped face-up and activated. No particular order of events. Main phase 2 only happens
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 2 0
Mature content
Human and Hyena vore story :icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 19 11
Scaredybones, Chapter 1
For as long as he could remember, Charlie Deetle had a problem: He was afraid of monsters. That was a bad sign for a twelve-year-old living in Haloburg.
It didn’t matter if he knew they weren’t real: Creatures and beasts from various scary movies were terrifying. He always had to look away from the TV screen whenever a monster hurt someone. And ever since he was little, Charlie was afraid of the things lurking in his closet or under the bed late at night.
The worst part was that everyone at Haloburg Middle School knew about his fears. He was picked on and called all manner of hurtful names for years. Charlie struggled to grin and bear it, but putting up with bullying was always a hassle.
But as bad as being afraid of monsters was for most of the year, the Halloween season was the worst. There were always so many creepy decorations scattered all throughout town. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, fish people, eldritch abominations dug up from the depths of the earth… there
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 2 7
My Macro Godmother
Ethan Travers sighed as he rode in the backseat of his parents’ car. The twelve-year-old concentrated on his tablet, trying not to look out at the wide expanse of the forest. The Travers family were driving up north into the Montana mountains to meet up with Bella, a friend of the family of sorts.
“Are you excited to spend the week with your Godmother, Ethan?” asked Howard, hid dad.
“Sure…” Ethan shrugged, not even looking up from his screen. He was thirty-two levels into his latest game, and he didn’t want to have to shut it down before he got the chance to save.
“Come on, hun. Give a real answer.” Scolded his mother Janet.
Ethan gave a little sigh and looked up. “Yes, I’m excited to see Godmother Bella.”
“Well you can try sounding like it.” Janet grimaced.
“Now Ethan, I understand that your Godmother isn’t like us,” His Dad said, “But she’s still happy to have you coming.
:icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 30 20
Mature content
Brent and Tulip, Part 6 (vore story, Finale) :icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 20 12
Mature content
Brent and Tulip, Part 5 (vore story) :icondeethirteen:DeethIrteen 15 0
Step into the Hub of Darkness, and witness the creations within.


Butt and Chill by Ayami6
Mature content
Butt and Chill :iconayami6:Ayami6 276 19
Dancing Until Morning Light [CM] by Minerea Dancing Until Morning Light [CM] :iconminerea:Minerea 267 30 please dont squish me  by smallguyishere please dont squish me :iconsmallguyishere:smallguyishere 269 7 Steven universe - OK KO -  Dendy and Peridot by AlexDTI Steven universe - OK KO - Dendy and Peridot :iconalexdti:AlexDTI 316 57 A Tiny Secret Page 105 by Ayami6 A Tiny Secret Page 105 :iconayami6:Ayami6 130 15
Dragoness Gargantuan RP
I decided to make an RP specifically for people just wanting big ol dragons. By default these dragons'll be anthro, but I'm fine with four-legged types and human-y dragon girls too if you prefer! Just, like, tell me!
1) You're the prince or princess of a country, and were best friends with a dragon, secretly, as a child. It turns out that dragons get BIG in adulthood, and your best friend is back to kidnap you! Not that you'll probably mind that much...
2) You're on a mission to slay a dragon, but when the dragon ends up being a rather human-sized creature, you can't bring yourself to slay her. So when she gets BIG she's a lot nicer to you, how nice!
3) You find an egg in the forest, and bring it back. The egg hatches, eventually, into a dragoness!
4) You're a dragon who is related to or rivals with the giant dragon in question!
-No 18+
-4 is pretty open-ended, feel free to suggest any particulars you want.
-Custom is okay, no switching please!
:iconthegiantannie:TheGiantAnnie 5 736
Pushing Her Toe - Mini Animation by Flagg3D
Mature content
Pushing Her Toe - Mini Animation :iconflagg3d:Flagg3D 214 10
A Kiss from Maia by Ayami6 A Kiss from Maia :iconayami6:Ayami6 142 11 A Tiny Secret Page 104 by Ayami6 A Tiny Secret Page 104 :iconayami6:Ayami6 124 19 Obsessed With Fantasy Novels by Wizard-Emeraldheart Obsessed With Fantasy Novels :iconwizard-emeraldheart:Wizard-Emeraldheart 44 1 2018 Halloween_Closet Monster by wsache2020
Mature content
2018 Halloween_Closet Monster :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 123 4
Daily Vore 40 by PieCreature Daily Vore 40 :iconpiecreature:PieCreature 14 3 Royal visit by QueenCold Royal visit :iconqueencold:QueenCold 138 18 A Tiny Secret Page 103 by Ayami6 A Tiny Secret Page 103 :iconayami6:Ayami6 121 15 Sharkbutt, ooh-ha-ha by SnippyTheDeliveryFox
Mature content
Sharkbutt, ooh-ha-ha :iconsnippythedeliveryfox:SnippyTheDeliveryFox 71 6
Mature content
Terror against Tenderness :iconnsfwalt1234:NSFWalt1234 19 13



Here's hoping you and Jack Kirby are working on new comic ideas in Heaven.


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David Kraics
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United States
I'm a writer in my mid-twenties, looking to make his mark in the world of High Fantasy Fiction. I've been writing stories for most of my life.

In September of 2017, I published a High Fantasy novel themed around dragon riders in an empire based on 20th century New York City. It's called "Wyrmblooded. Book 1: The Heir, Apparently" You can find it here:…

I also have a deviant group themed around dragons and dragon-riders. It's called Riders of the Empire, and is found here: riders-of-the-empire.deviantar…

Follow me on Twitter, if you want:

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Current Residence: Knoxville, Tennessee
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Favourite cartoon character: Black Mage Evilwizardington
Personal Quote: "Tenebra ecce Veritas"


Dragon Sprites
I'll design a dragon for you using my art style. I can design something based on a bit of artwork you have, or maybe I'll make something completely from scratch as per your specifications.

Also accepted: 2.50 USD vial paypal.
Short Stories
This is a standard short story at about 1500 words in length.

The story can be about anything, though the details will be discussed in notes.

Also accepted: 15 USD via paypal.
considerably-longer stories.
This category is if you want a one-chapter story that's considerably longer.

This is 3000 words at minimum. The story can be about whatever you want, though details will be discussed in notes.
Also accepted: 30 USD vial paypal.
Very Big Commission
I don't expect anyone to do take this up, but it's worth a shot.

I will write a series of chapters in a commission, totaling to about 6000 words long. It can be about just about anything you want, as long as it doesn't go against the things I refuse to write. Details will be discussed in notes.

Also accepted: 60 USD via Paypal.

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