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OW: Rani 'Raksha' Concept Thingies

Zoom in for maximised detail experience.


Er... no, but seriously. This thing. I've been drawing this throughout so many weeks' course now, I think. And I only redid this about 1900 times. But even though I'm so sick of drawing this that I want to puke just upon looking at this, I'm still proud of the overall result. I admit, I had tons of fun experimenting with various things here, plus I tested out a new method of shading (which takes too much time, so I ought to switch to something else). Aaand I also made good use of SAI for the first time ever, and it was like discovering fingerpaints as a kid. It's really damn easy and fun at the same time, and drawing those nicely blending impressionist strokes was pretty nice, so I'll definitely make further use of SAI.

I improved Rani's concept greatly. The were-cat form, especially. On the first picture from the left, you can get an idea of what Rani's purple magic looks like. The second picture demonstrates bad anatomy that I didn't want to fix Rani's dual scimitars, Bloodreave (the golden one) and Soulrend (the silver one). This also shows the garments Rani wore when she escaped the arena once and for all. The third picture shows Rani's collection of scars on the back.

I really thought that I can't shade for shit before working hard on this particular picture... but after all this work, I actually feel a little better about my skills. I was almost losing faith for some time here... but the intentional grayscale shading scheme is really helpful, and I advise that to everyone who wishes to better their shading skills. And that's just about all I can tell for this piece's progress. :meow:

One thing I will tell y'all, though. NEVER. WILL. I. DO. IT. LIKE. THIS. AGAIN. Maybe. From here on in, I'll only do crappy speedpaints and doodles for a while. Or just chibis. Chibis are easy.

Hope you like it, and sorry for yet another wall of explaining text that I always love writing. ^^;


Program: 98% of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, and an old version of SAI for the magic effects displayed on the leftmost picture, which makes around 2% used.
References: Two random scimitar references from the Internet (none were replicated, the scimitar designs are my own). Then I stared at a random panther photo to get an idea how Rani's head should look like, but I changed it so much that it doesn't even resemble the original anymore. I also looked at numerous naked womens' backs... genuinely for research and shading purposes. I looked at various photos of reflective cat eyes too, but nothing was replicated. And for final, I used this tutorial:
Time: :icontoodamnhighplz:, but seriously. Exact time is unknown, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually is around 10 hours.
Character, concepts and art © Me.
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dRedStar's avatar
woah guuurl
you're amazing
like omfg
these look great
I don't even know which one of these three drawings do I like most, they're all wonderful!!
I love the shading, and damn love the jewelry and swords, the way they shine ;v;
your skills have become so awesome, this is truly beautiful, I really like this character ahh so pretty ;_;
DeeryDeerth's avatar
no I'm not amazing yet
I'm only learning
and I still feel like I'm not learning enough... :iconhttgplz:

Ahh, I don't know which one of the three I like best, either. I put a lot of effort into all of them. And I almost died as I made the shading. But I'm happy with the overall result. ;w;

Also, thanks a lot for your kind words. I appreciate 'em. :heart:
dRedStar's avatar
Yuss you are
that only means you'll become even more amazing
and one day I'll probably die from your amazingness 'cause it will be too much for me 

this shading is worth bleeding for, it looks awesome
and I'm still in love with those details on doing the jewelry and stuff gah

And no problemo at all <33
DeeryDeerth's avatar
I don't even know what to say... your words are already too much <3333

if you put it that way, I might even do more of that shading someday... but then I must be prepared to go crazy again
like dayum, that shading was hard... but perhaps worth practicing. Thank youuu~ ;w;
Iduna-Haya's avatar
Cool ^^ And the shading's really good! I might do some greyscale experimenting too to work on my shading. 
DeeryDeerth's avatar
Hehe, thanks a lot. I really appreciate that. I worked a looong time on the shading, but it paid off. Grayscale is the best when it comes to shading practice. You can focus on the contours and deeper shades/highlights instead of the colour values. That's why some shaded graphite pieces look really wicked too. :)
Iduna-Haya's avatar
I'm so bad at traditional. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, that's why I like working digital I guess ^^;

But I'll definitely try some greyscale practice ^^ Thanks for the tip!
DeeryDeerth's avatar
Ohey, a fellow perfectionist here! You can make accurate, outstanding pieces of art even without digital too (although, yes, digital has some advantages when it comes to accuracy). You must either practice more graphite pencil linework or just use markers/pens to enhance your work. Works like a charm, and most manga artists create their works traditionally with sharp black markers too. ^w^

You're welcome, by the way. :meow:
Iduna-Haya's avatar
Yeah I know ^^ That's why I practice every day. I think that if you don't hone your traditional skills, eventually you will get stuck in digital too. It's important to know your basics. (anatomy practice really really sucks though :p)
DeeryDeerth's avatar
Daily practice is a necessity, although I'm relatively bad at following this. Still, I do what I can and I practice as often as I can. I wouldn't know as much between traditional and digital though. Practicing on both is important, and no matter how you draw, it still counts as practice. Anatomy practice can be a pain, but it's really useful. :)
FabiLuv's avatar
Ohh nice, I really like the one with all the magic, it looks awesome! ;w; 
DeeryDeerth's avatar
Why, thanks a lot. I really appreciate your thoughts. ;w; <3
Diluculi's avatar
I really like the result! It looks great! :la:
DeeryDeerth's avatar
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your words and your time to appreciate the hard effort I put into this. ^w^
Diluculi's avatar
It was totally worth the time and effort :)
DeeryDeerth's avatar
Definitely. I can say that I'm even proud of the final result, even though I usually have a bad feeling about my slow progress. :XD:

But thanks again. :heart:
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