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alx's head tilted slightly,
subtly, just enough
to let the neon arrow
fly past. there was a crash
as the monitor behind
shattered and collapsed
on the synthwood floor.
alx slid behind the nearest
trashzap, heard two more arrows
impact, hoped they weren't
a blast and a breeze
of shrapnel sliced alx's right cheek,
a few sparks from the wires
exposed. technology with a
bleeding heart.
alx checked the possible routes:
dive out the adwindow to the left,
twenty floors down;
stand and grab a nearby desk
for cover and bludgeon;
crawl toward a duct and
pretend this is an action flick.
all of these options
hummed dangerously.
but before the first
process executed
alx felt a fog close in,
vision fragmenting not unlike
the room's decor.
data pouring in
at speeds unwanted,
systems screaming in
the most muted colors.
alx didn't feel
anything else,
and the lifeform scan
returned null.
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Amazing art from different artists throughout dA. c:


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My reasons for this pool:
1) Someday, I want to open a contest for artists.
2) I want to purchase point commissions from amazing artists.
3) I want to make gifts for my friends.
4) I also want to have my own Core membership.


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Poise set by the wonderful :iconmoonsprig: . :meow:

One day, I was thinking... and I finally decided, almost too early... what I want for the world in my lifetime. I don't want anything from the world itself, I just want to give it something great for the future to cherish. I want to make this world a better place. I have no idea how am I going to accomplish this... and what exactly am I going to give to the whole world... but I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out. Still young, there is time to think even more.
That's why I'll do everything to break through the waves of change.


welcome to hell my Ivory Tower, where I hand out awesomesauce, free of charge!

I'm just a random witch that sometimes descends from her tower in the middle of the bog to do art or write or play the guitar. sometimes I stalk your house for your leftovers, especially chocolate. I'm also an avid roleplayer and know a thing or two about D&D. uhhh also video games are my passion, so when I'm not being productive, I'm probably just playing games. also I'm a hopeless romantic and a vivid daydreamer. I won't mind speaking with literally anyone, so if you ever wanna chat, you just shoot me a note or comment on my page or sumtin

I might not be responsive for advertisements though, I'd rather talk in order to make some new frands!!
  • Listening to: Chiasm's "Isolated"
  • Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
greetings, dear reader! :wave:

once again, I return from the void to write a journal entry every few months

I got tagged twice by :iconsniv-the-unworthy: (one new, one ancient) & once by :iconrykhers: (also ancient)

sorry I got around to it just now, I finally found the motivation and I do realise I don't have to draw them myself when I can use stuff already available to me :XD:

here are the rules

1. Post all rules.
2. Write 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 people. (You can tag back)
4. Write the name of the character with its owner

first I will do my newest tag, Nelaren Llethi, the nerd

Screenshot 20190413 175346 by DeeryDeerth

1) I headcanon that most apostles willingly have their limbs amputated in order to replace them with more perfect metal ones. Only Nelaren's right arm is artificial, and he had lost it during one of his exams centered on building fabricants when he was a kid. Unfortunately, his fabricant ran haywire and sliced his arm clear off. It traumatised him enough so that he doesn't want to replace any of his limbs ever again. If asked, he will explain with things like "perfection can never be achieved" and "we were given our natural bodies for a reason". It's unclear if he uses them rather as an excuse or if he truly believes in that.
2) Through the course of his life, he will be in a poly relationship with Galeriel and another male dunmer, a flirty Morag Tong assassin (I haven't given him a name yet).
3) However, only Galeriel will end up as Nelaren's lifelong partner. They will have twins. The female twin would have Galeriel's skin tone and antlers, but Nelaren's eyes, hair colour and aptitude for engineering. The male twin would have Nel's skin, but Galeriel's eyes, hair colour and optimistic, carefree disposition. The son would be notably shorter than most Dunmer, despite looking Dunmer, and break almost every machine he would touch. His sister would be significantly more serious and would frequent the Clockwork City, aiding her father's research.
4) Initially, Galeriel and Nelaren live together in Elden Root in a single graht-oak pod, at the time their relationship is still fresh. Later they would travel Morrowind together and meet the dunmer assassin. They would frequent taverns and Nelaren's stray holdings throughout mainland Morrowind. Finally, once Galeriel and Nelaren would settle down in the distant, distant future, they would move into the former Gorinir Estate that Galeriel obtained through her adventures in Grahtwood.
5) Nelaren has a huge aversion to authorities, including Lord Seht himself. The Brass Fortress has a very merciless education system, especially those that are naturally curious and want to succeed, like Nelaren. Through great suffering, Nelaren achieved what Seht wanted out of him. Together with Galeriel, they also managed to save Seht from Nocturnal's invasion. This brought Nelaren into Seht's inner circle, as much as that is possible. Not even Nelaren fully understands the motives of the Father of Mysteries, naturally, but if anything else, Nelaren has a subtle love-hate disposition towards Seht. He still looks up to Sotha Sil's genius, but dislikes his pickiness when it comes to who gets a good life in Clockwork City. Which brings to...
6) Nelaren regularly aiding the people of Slag Town. He is well aware, especially after being displaced into Morrowind for a time, that Clockwork City is nothing but Sotha Sil's idea of a perfect Nirn, Tamriel Final, Annuvanna'si, what have you. He knows that a utopia and a dystopia have little difference, and so he helps all the people that have been forced into living in the most uncomfortable area of the Clockwork City that is Slag Town.
7) Nelaren in general opposes the racist and elitist ideals of the dunmer. He believes everyone deserves equal chances.
8) Despite his past accident with the fabricant, he still builds them and has a few as his protectors. However, he is more wary around fabricants than most. He believes that fabricants are very similar to beasts on the mainland. You built it, yes, but it is still wild and unpredictable. In that regard, he also believes that fabricants have minds of their own, despite appearing as simple robots at first glance.

now to the ancient tags, Snow and Deerth. thankfully, I have a drawing of both of them

Snow and Deerth by Sir I by DeeryDeerth
by Blodarn

Snow goes first I suppose. I think I've done him at some point? oh no wait I just checked, two years ago I did Snow in a different meme. WELP, time to infodump with this Foole as well

1) He has the blood of a dragon in him, but it is latent. It is unclear where this ancestry originates, but it revealed itself in Snow's distant descendant, Glacier.
2) Snow's name in Ta'agra is Dani. He was raised in Elsweyr, so he speaks with a Ta'agra accent as well.
3) Snow has a distant ancestor in one of my ESO characters, Shizerebi-sa. She also has the blood of a dragon in her, and Shize finally revealed to me why all khajiit of this family are prone to heroic deeds. :XD:
To elaborate, Shizerebi-sa aided Elsweyr against dragons, necromancers, betrayers and usurpers... Snow stopped the Oblivion crisis among other heroes and killed more Daedra than he can count... and Glacier was one of the Dragonborn who stopped Alduin from eating the world. I love my dragon cats so much.
4) Once the Oblivion crisis had been dealt with and most of Snow's adventures over and done, he retired in the former Benirus Manor with his wife, White (different name in Ta'agra obviously). Both Khajiit had unique white pelt colouration, not exactly inherited from their parents as Snow was raised in Elsweyr where a white pelt just isn't good to have. The Khajiit of his home town believed that the moons simply wished for him to be this way. The truth of the matter is, he is just a bit albinistic, and so is White. They had two kittens, only one of which was albino, and the other one had normal tiger/leopard-patterned pelt.
5) Shizerebi-sa has the pattern of a tiger, but Snow has a mix between a tiger and a leopard. Clearly this comes from Shize's gene mixing with leopard-patterned Khajiit. But it would seem that the leopard pattern would primarily prevail in the end, as Glacier looks very much like a snow leopard and is not even albinistic.
6) Also, the more time goes forward, the more detached Snow's family becomes from Elsweyr. Shize was born and raised in Elsweyr and would stay there until the end, but nothing really changed until Snow brought his family outside their ancestral homeland. Glacier's family originates from the Jerall Mountains in Cyrodiil, and thus all traces of her Ta'agra has vanished. Glacier simply does not know how to speak Ta'agra, and resembles an imperial more than an actual khajiit.
7) During the events of the Skyrim's Dragonborn and Alduin's invasion, Glacier and her distant cousin, another khajiit, would clash in the civil war, with Glacier surprisingly siding with the Stormcloaks and the male cousin with the Imperials. Interestingly enough, Glacier is Snow's favoured descendant, and so Snow appears to her in her dreams one night, from the Sands Beyond the Stars, and bestows upon her his trusty glass bow that he enchanted with a sigil stone to hunt Daedra. It is their family's signature weapon, and has the power of an artifact. However, it has a rather stupid name - "Daedra-Hunting Bow". Glacier did not believe this at first when Snow told her.
8) On that note, Snow is a very non-serious person. Khajiit in general tend to be very carefree, and that reflects best in Shize and Snow. Perhaps it was the imperial culture that made Glacier so serious and detached from the desert sands of Elsweyr and all its warmth to the khajiiti people. Maybe one day this bloodline will find their way back, who knows?

aaaaaand finally, DEERTH

1) It is genderless. Despite that, I refer to it as "her" sometimes, simply out of habit.
2) It is also less of an animal and more of a spirit. It is unclear why it took on a cervine appearance, though it makes sense that it could probably transform into anything it wanted to. However, that deer form seems to be its favoured form, and so no one has seen this spirit in any other shape.
3) It insists that if you must write its name, you must write it DEERTH and no other way. We all say Deerth anyway because it's comfortable for us.
4) This spirit doesn't seem to do much besides observing. Its purpose is unclear, but it tends to linger in places for unknown reasons.
5) As a spirit, it is intangible and thus cannot be physically harmed.
6) I haven't drawn it in a million years and I totally should.
7) It's probably my guardian spirit sjdgksdgkjdsng
8) I'm running out of ideas, because DEERTH is an abstract concept more than a character. You could say it's one of my "sonas", and it does bring me comfort... but above all, this character/concept is purposefully intangible, abstract and mysterious. That's my basis for creating it, and it represents the parts of me others do not know. That's also why I feel it can represent me so well. An intangible being that you can try to unravel bit by bit, but the truth of the matter remains - no person can ever be unravelled entirely. We are all explorers in a world of mysteries.

anyway sorry if I got too woke at any point of this meme snjghskjdgsdjkgjsdg
oki tag time hmm

1) :iconmoonsprig: - Oriel!!
2) :icondraconicatomics: - Leverette!!
3) whoever else wants to tag themselves, I don't want to tag back and I haven't properly spoken to people on dA in decades so I wouldn't know if it's decent to tag anyone else snbdgsdhjbgsdhjg, just playin it safe

anyway that's the end of today's rambles after like 5 months


nah jk, have beautiful day/night, dear reader! Sun Pixel: Moon 



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