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:icondeertine:Deertine posted a status
when do you think it is time to see a doctor ?
I've been struggling with knee pain for a good year maybe longer idk, it's not constant, but someday its worse that others, especially on rainy/cloudy days when gravity is 'heavier' and its hell on my joints. 

it burns if i sit with my knee bent for too long, sometimes so much that I fear moving cause I don't want to hurt, whichs sucks cause it's the only way I feel comfortable and i've always had super sensitive knees //like i can't sit on my knees, crawl, or even lay on my stomach, it's uncomfortable// I've had lots of knee troubles in the past such as having them swell from what I assumed was overuse during a cancer walk I did with my school. //which sucked cause I couldn't stop for a break//

I haven't brought it up with a doctor cause I don't want to look like i'm overreacting and find out it's nothing, which it probably is. Because of that I sorta just decided to live with it, and idk if that's the wrong choice or not?? Like I don't want there to be something wrong and only know when my knees just give out leaving me helpless until I get a replacement or smth.

Idk a part of me worries it's a form of arthritis, osteoarthritis or smth similar.

lmk your thoughts. I'm super tired atm so if there's any amateur mistakes than rip.

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