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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2018, 10:27 AM

I need $30 to buy my friend some take-out, but I'm in a whole different state so it has to be online. why is this an emergency? Cause his parents just separated and he's obviously stressed especially since the parent that just left has substance abuse problems, and he's worried.




Listening to all the things you can't hear by DeertinePb2 by Deertine

Not what you want to hear by Deertine

Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

Looking for characters! O: ART, USD, TRADE

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2018, 6:12 AM

I really want some new characters! And so like,,, offer your characters!

I can offer USD, ART OR DESIGNS.

Art examples

Please no cheap 5 point dog adopts.

I'm also very picky with designs so don't be offended if I don't buy your things.

I love vibrant designs, one-off designs, and gorey designs.

I have too much fave designers so aaaa.

Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

Paranoia (Vent)

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2018, 7:31 PM

Just venting out how I feel during my nighttime paranoia

(Trigger warning, this talks about real paranoia related feelings.)

It's late, everyone is asleep. But for me. I'm sitting up, maybe laying on my side with my only light breaking the darkness being my computer. I'm feeling fine, watching my fave youtubers. When suddenly I get scared, real scared. I look around my room not seeing anything. But I don't feel safe. Behind me, beside me, all around me are windows and maybe mirrors. I can't help but get tense and filled with anxiety and the feeling of impending doom. I feel like there is something out there, in the darkness that wants to get me. That if I look outside it'll lounge at me. That I'll look outside and see eyes puncturing my soul.
I feel that if I look in the mirror at my reflection that it won't be me who stares back. All these thoughts start making my chest feel tight, my head feel light. My senses are raised to a height that does more bad than good. I get so scared that my brain gets so convinced that something is out there. I start hallucinating. I see things in the corner of my eyes, the shadows I see around me transform from a lamp to a figure. I know that I'm not alone, that there is people sleeping in the room over that will save me from danger. But it doesn't make me feel better, I wonder, what if they don't hear me scream? The thought sickens me. By this point my anxiety manifests itself as chest pain, joint aches, lumps in my throat.

The idea of having to move from my safe spot hurts. But I can't stay here forever, especially when I end up needing the washroom, or a glass of water. This is where I can either do one of two things, take a risk that could cost me by leaving my spot, or take another risk by not.

Ill probably delete this later.
I just.
Needed to get this off my chest so i can like sleep, and so if I die you'll know it was probably a murder or some ghost shit.

Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

Commission info ALWAYS OPEN - Please read

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2018, 9:59 AM


Art takes time, I have a life outside of deviantART, give me at least two weeks before asking about your commission. Asking before than is rude and will just pressure me, most likely resulting in me refunding you. Commissions make me uncomfortable enough don't need rude folk making it worst.


It is super important that I get commissions since I am medically troubled and can't work a normal job to support me and my pets.
I'm is desperate need of a new computer, and a bigger cage for my pet rats. I also need to get money for medical items such as braces for knees.

PM me to discuss.



$8 USD

do_you_know_what_i_mean_by_jumping_mood_Headshots1 by Deertine


$15 - 20 USD depending - Fullbody icon 
$10 USD - Halfbody icon (+2 for bounce)
Price is for a 50x50 icon, for larger sizes contact me, expect a price raise.

Fullbody pixels

18+ USD


$25 - $35 USD

Full pictures

$40+ Depending on difficulty.
(please notice this commission is experimental, and results will vary in style.)

Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

PSA abt me that you should read

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2018, 9:42 PM

I just want to state this as sometimes I feel like people may find how I act insulting??

Please know that I am extremely paranoid. I have a constant feeling that everyone is out to get me/hates me. This is why I coward away from people. While I am very loyal to people I know. I am very hard to just approach and befriend. I just feel like I am an annoyance even to those I don't know. This is why I may not comment on people's things or suddenly vanish from a conversation. I'm just so scared I'll say something wrong. But I don't want people to think that avoiding me is best! I enjoy people interacting with me. In fact every time I have notifications I hope it's people talking to me! Like if you say "nice art" I'd love that! It's just when people start asking me things past that such as personal things I start getting unnerved.

I also constantly feel that everything I do is fake/my own fault, ( I even believe that my medical conditions are fake despite me being diagnosed and medicated.) which is why I don't like talking about my personal stuff. Another reason why I may not talk to you could be because of content on your page or things I know about you. I'm not talking about me hearing about some beef you got into, I am someone who offers endless chances. But if you have specific things on your page, usually relating to drugs/marijuana/illnesses. I have a large chance of avoiding you. Not because I disapprove of you/etc. But I have very bad memories revolving around such things, and I will get very emotional due to being reminded of it. Basically it's a trigger of mine? But not in the TRIGGERED tumblr way. I try to avoid such triggers, as it creates tension.

I hope this clears up any current or future complications. 

Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

FAQ/TOS (must read)

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 17, 2017, 9:57 AM

Terms of service

When commissioning me I have full right to refund you if you insult, or violate my privacy or these terms.

  • I won't draw characters with top surgery scars or self harm marks. Due to personal reasons. It makes me uncomfortable hope you understand.
  • No I will not draw fetish art, Propaganda, or offence material.
  • Art takes time, I have a life outside of deviantART, give me at least two weeks before asking about your commission. Asking before than is rude and will just pressure me, most likely resulting in me refunding you. Commissions make me uncomfortable enough don't need rude folk making it worst.
  • I cannot refund you //unless I can't do it, than I will// after you pay You can't always go buy something at the store and bring it back for a refund cause you feel like it. Me refunding everyone who pays me would leave me without food and money to live.
  • If you're paying with an e-check through paypal I will only start your commission/transfer the goods once I get the money since sometimes the money doesn't get through, and I have better things to do than argue.


  • Please do not remove my watermark. It's there to protect me, and you from art/character thief. I always try to put it in a spot where it's not bothersome so please be respectful. <3
  • Please don't use my artwork for commercial purposes. If you want a picture to use as your brand logo/merch please let me know ahead of time, so we can organize something!
  • Please don't edit my art, I'm fine with extremely minor edits like if I forgot a marking or two. But please ask me first!


Due to my MDD I will go periods without being able to work and lack of productivity as my symptoms range anywhere from joint or muscle cramps, being excessively tired to not being able to eat or even get out of bed.

Other rules

  • Please don't reference my characters/art/etc. I understand that I have no right to say that since I don't own the idea. But it makes me heavily uncomfortable when people (even friends) Make things based on me.
  • Please don't advertise contests/adopts/etc. to me. Seriously, doing this just makes me less interested. Let me find it on my own and than we'll see.
  • DONT NOTE ME Unless it's revolving around business related things I.e comms, trades, etc. Please don't note me just to say hi, seriously, I hate thinking I got an important reply just to find out it's someone misusing notes. 


Why do your commissions cost so much?

They don't. It's just the minimum I can take to live comfortable, and even than it's still hard to get by.

What do you use to draw?

Wacom tablet, MS paint and Gimp.

Can you teach me how to draw?

Sadly no. I don't do good as a teacher.

Are you ignoring me? Why aren't you commenting/Replying?

I'm not ignoring you. Me not talking could be for several reasons. But none of them are negative. 
I could be clueless on what to say, or have no opinion on the topic.
Maybe just in a bad mood idfk.

Can I have free art?
Art is my only income and I can't afford to make it for free, so sorry no.

Can I have points/USD?

No. Don't be rude, if I want to donate to you i'll do it on my own ordeal please.

Can I draw one of your characters?

sURE, In fact I completely recommend it. I love getting gift art!
My characters

And no you can't have DickGumshoee he's mine forever <3
He's my chubby boo bear.

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.