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The Mighty Nein - Store Update -


The first of many Critical Role fanarts!  I expect many more to come, but i really love how this turned out. 

My print shop has been officially updated (yes, this includes the mighty nein print!)!  

Edit: The shop is officially back up now!

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Your inking skills are beyond perfect! I love it!

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your Nott looks so cute
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I bough this from you at fanexpo!!!!!
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I've recently been getting into and catching up with Critical Role and I've been loving it. This piece is great and really captures so much of the personality of the characters! Hope to see more :)
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They're the best!
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I love all of your subtle details, especially in the eyes. Lovely!
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For the longest time i have been following you and love your style! I was wondering if the brush/pen you use to sketch digitally is your own or preset into the program? Thank you for your time, and again i would totally read a comic from you with you awesome characters. I just look at them and want to know more <3
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This was either the stumpy pencil preset or the animator pencil by kyle webster, i'm not sure which one!
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Your Mighty Nein get a mighty Ja! (Yes in German) from me. Clap Heart 
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the lines are so smooth
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So perfectly captured them <3
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Oh, they are all gorgeous! What a lovely composition, too.
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Uuugghhh my heart. This is so beautiful.

You captured everyone perfectly! Caleb's expression says it all.

Ohhh and Molly....... *tears* Freaking Molly!

But yeah. The layout for this is amazing also. Do you have any sort of tips for that sort of thing?
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Noice 🖒🖒🖒
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Dude. Hide your comment.

I had avoided all spoilers as I try to catch up on Crit Role, but then I saw your comment-- that doesn't even pertain to this non-spoiler piece of art-- and it spoiled it for me.

It's pretty inconsiderate: to the artist for not even commenting pertaining to their work, and to the rest of us that are catching up and haven't watched the episode yet.
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Hey, that's not cool posting a spoiler in the comments section. There's still plenty of folk are not up to date on the show.
Ahh this is beautiful! I love the Mighty Nein. I think Beau looks particularly great in this one. Do you watch the show regularly?
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I do! I love it a lot. ;;
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simply wow! those lines are phenomenal!
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That's nice. I like grouped faces in monochrome lines. It's just always impactful.
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oh my god this is beyond beautiful
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GORGEOUS!! The detail in this is so stunning. Everyone is so distinctive and expressive! 
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