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Duo Maxwell, a collaboration between myself and sambees, done for our Patreon for the monthly fanart poll in February.  Gundam Wing won by a landslide, which is great because i have so many nostalgic feels for it.  Apparently its coming out on blu-ray sometime soon?  I need it in my life *_*

Patrons also had access to the process video, high res jpg, and the layered PSD.  Enjoy guys!  
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The detail on the motorcycle is astounding.
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And this is Incredible!!! Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] 
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Very cool!
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Ah Duo Maxwell, from Gundamn Wing. I remember Trowa was my favorite, and Duo and Quatre were my other fav's. I don't remember that weapon of his but that's okay and the bike suits him. Very well, the little thief if I remember correctly.
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Gundam Wing won because it is most bestest! Also, so is this picture. The detail, the colours, the composition... I'm loving it.
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I love this on so many levels. <3 Amazing.
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He has never been this cool in my mind. Really nice job :)
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what a nice character~
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I adore the composition of this. Fantastic work!
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Now there's a face I haven't seen in ages.
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Suddenly I'm taken back to when I was 13. 
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Wonderful working on this! Yes this is quite wonderful indeed~
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striking and powerful composition
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Looks awesome I especially like the combination of the motorcycle and the slim figure sitting on it.
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This is cool. Great character. :)
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What kinda bike is that, CCM Spitfire?
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its a Frankenstein bike, like three or four bikes i mushed together :B
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Oh, okay. Yeah, I can tell too. I see a bit of Ducati Monster in there besides said CCM Spitfire.
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Ducati is def in there too haha
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And the possibilities are endless. The seat is most likely from the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and that rear shock is likely taken from the Benelli TnT300.
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