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Dave Strider Turntable Tutorial

By deerlette
Holy shit. That file is fucking massive. Holy god.
I'm so sorry.
But not really because this is the best tutorial.
But yeah! That's EVERYTHING you need to know about that.


turntable designs belong originally to Hussie dsahkdjhak

i don't even care
i fixed y'alls dumb problems that weren't even a real problem you guys are so smart why.

anyway, i put it off for too long because that file is a terror to open.
and it is so perfectly hideous that i will look away now.
i will never touch this file again.
you're welcome.
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I successfully made turntables with it ^~^
Shizu-ChanAkaElaina's avatar
Would it still be durable if you have to use cardboard?
deerlette's avatar
As long as it's corrugated it would probably still be v durable. The only problem is you will have to find a way to overcome the ridges that corrugated cardboard makes!
RavenluvsSesshomaru's avatar
Do you do commissions?
deerlette's avatar
yEP! It looks good so far! Just need to paint the gear parts red and you will almost be done :) Well done!
Blackfur21's avatar
thank you so much
LpsAnimeIsLife's avatar
um use metric please? i can see the cm but its replaced by inches..

//*sad aussie noises*
deerlette's avatar
sorry homez, im american so that's just kind of the way this tutorial happened. lucKILY google has some sweet conversion tools you can use to get it all figured out
starfruit-anon's avatar
thank you for this. any ideas where I can get records for real cheap?
deerlette's avatar
eBay is a pretty nifty site for that :|a but honestly if you can find a record store locally u can definitely nab some records for cheapsies
starfruit-anon's avatar
Thank you so much. I can't seem to don't them anywhere :/ but then again I don't really use eBay so...
LpsAnimeIsLife's avatar
does it actually spin?
deerlette's avatar
DFAMN's avatar
How big should the foam board be?
JaneTower's avatar
using an actual record is 8etter and way more authentic. tho a 8it heavier, still looks a LOT 8etter and is actually really cheap too. 
:D 8ut those still look cool :D
CloudCaramel's avatar
So, I'm on the first gear thing, and I just finished xactoing the notches. The cuts are not smooth enough for my liking, is there any ways to make them smoother?
deerlette's avatar
Definitely! Run and get yourself a couple pieces of sandpaper :0! I'd start with a rougher sandpaper first and then a finer one. Then just sand the edges until they are smooth enough for your liking :0!!!
CloudCaramel's avatar
One last question! Since I don't have any spray paint, and I can't get any, what else could I use to paint my timetables?
pandagirl154's avatar
This is so helpful, thank you for making this. :D
Toby-Arai's avatar
hey cna i ask for help
deerlette's avatar
yep, feel free, and i'll do my best to answer any questions!
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