Which is your favourite, or which do you play most?
35 votes
PC Master Race :hug:
Xbox 360/Xbox One :lol:
PS3/PS4 :wow:
Wii/Wii U B-)
PS Vita/PSP :D
3DS/2DS :highfive:
Phone :)
I play some of these equally! :|
I don't game. :XD:
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By DeerHooves
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PC and PS3!! But I'd so much get a new3ds ><
what about you??
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Pc, first because I can mod games on PC,
and because I can upgrade my hardware when more demanding applications come out, and can enjoy better graphical quality than a console.
Oh, and I can emulate other consoles on it :dummy:
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YEAH PC!!!!!!!! :highfive: :huggle:

But for serious, yeah, all those points! I enjoy having great framerates on games with all of the sliders up to ultra. I also like that Steam is a great platform for games on PC! Are you on Steam? :P

And yes, emulators! :lol: Great stuff. I sometimes feel like I'm missing out when I see the nice controllers that the Wii U has, or the console exclusives!

Anyways, how you been doing, Geeky? ^.^ We don't really chat often, but I hope you've been well!
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Been doing pretty well.
Gonna finish high school soon and go into a program for infographism, and find a way to become a concept artist.
It's true that emulators do miss controllers unfortunately,
and console exclusives make me quite unhappy. I want Kingdom hearts 3 on pc! :iconsulkplz:
Geekygami is my steam nick.
How'bout oyu? How've you been doing?
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Ouhhh, nice nice! Ahhh, so young and fresh, just finishing up high school :P That feels like forever ago for me xD Though it wasn't that long ago. And ouh, that sounds really nice! It's cool to see that you're an aspiring concept artist. I'm curious about how you're going to make infograph design branch out into concept art, doe!

Yeah, unfortunately, lots of emulators don't have native controller support xD And even then you'd just be using an X360 controller or a DS3 controller and motioninjoy.

Kingdom Hearts 3 makes me want a PS4 >.< sad pc master race brohoof /)(\

I've been okay! Too much gaming xD Should draw more.
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If I told you, you'd be scratching your head when I spake Sega Master System.
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Pibs!! I haven't even heard of that one. Just searched it up and it's older than the Genesis... -_-

*scratches head*
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It's progenitor! In the Europes they labeled it as the Mega Drive, I think. It died slowly, I'm afraid. No one misses it. 

;A; I's bet you didn't heard of Atari, either!!!
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I have no idea what you're talking about ;-; but are you saying you still game on this prehistoric machine???

You underestimate my power, Pibs!!! I know what Atari is! >:U Who doesn't?!
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I don't play video games anymore, my Deer, only mind games.

Well, they certainly did on BLADE RUNNER. 
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I said Wii U even though most of the games I've been playing recently are for PC.
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Oh? :o I'm curious, why's that?

How do you like the Wii U, anyways? I don't know too many people who have one, so I never get to find out how nice the system is xD
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Mainly because most of the future games I'm excited for are on the Wii U. It seems like good Wii U games have been coming in at a trickle for the most part, but 2015 looks like it's going to be a good year for the system with stuff like the new Zelda game, Splatoon, Starfox, and possibly (hopefully) a Metroid game. Also, I have a fairly low-end PC, so I can't play most of the cool new stuff coming out for that.

It's a fun console. The second screen adds some nice functionality, and the motion controls, when present, are well-implemented.
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Whoa whaaaat. I do agree that there haven't been a whole lot of great titles out for the Wii U recently, but 2015 sounds really promising! O.O I haven't actually played any Zelda games... (ahHHHHHh) but I'm hoping to get into them at some point :P And ouhh, yeah. Low end PCs do limit the amount of titles that you can enjoy.

Ahhh, I see! I was wondering how well the second screen functionality would implement itself. It sounds like fun and you make me want to buy one x_X Isn't it a bit cumbersome to play with such a large controller/peripheral doe?
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A bit, but it's really only a problem for me if I'm using the shoulder buttons a lot, and even then it's not too bad.
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I see I seee.  Interesting to hear your opinion on it! It shouldn't be too bad if you can rest your arms in your lap while ya play.
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Although it is required for me to have at least one Nintendo system at all times (They make too many good games), Sony made me it's fan-boy when I was a child.
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The last home console by Nintendo that I owned was my N64 (don't kill me!), and I wish I'd gotten a gamecube, wii, or something, haha! Do you have a Wii U?

And ouhhh o: Yeah, for the longest time, I played on my PS2 and luved it. I eventually moved on to Nintendo's handhelds and PC gaming, so now here I am, curious about what I've been missing out on :P
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I don't have a WiiU yet, but if I did it would mostly be my zelda machine at this point. I don't think there are enough games that interest me to justify a purchase just yet. I do have a 3DS though, way too many games that I can't miss.

I never got into PC because I feel it is too much effort to set up and manage. I'm not afraid to admit I'm more casual in my gaming. Except for fighting games, I become hardcore with fighting games. 
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Good point there, haha! I haven't played any Zelda games... ._. *shot* I should get a Wii/U. but I do agree with you! Not enough games there yet. AND YEAH I got a 3DS just for Pokemon xD I never miss out when it comes to handheld pokemon

Ahhh, I see! It is a bit of an effort when you want to play the really demanding AAA titles, but it's well worth it and rewarding if you like building and setting up, all that jazz. Pre-built gaming PCs/laptops are also a good option o:

It's also worth noting that when Steam periodically puts titles on sale, they're dirt-cheap. But I do get your point!

Hahah, I suck at fighting games! X_X Do ya play Smash on the 3DS?
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At this rate you are going to get a nuke dropped from all the games you don't play. At least there is always Pokemon. Although as long as they keep making Phoenix Wright games I'll keep throwing money at handhelds.

I've played Smash 3DS, but I heard it can break 3DS' so I chose not to purchase it.
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i bet many have different things xD HAPPY 2015
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Yes yes, they must! I play mostly PC games nowadays, but I also like playing on 3DS. How bout you??

AND YEAH HAPPY 2015 MI PAJARO VERDE I hope you have a great year! ^.^
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Why am I  a Green Bird now? xD
Am I really green with envy? XD

Do you play GTA? OwO
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