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1) Sketch commissions are OPEN 0/5 slots

2) Portrait/bust commissions are OPEN 0/2 slots

3) Digital painting commissions are OPEN 0/1 slot


Before proceeding, please read this FAQ.

Q: What am I paying for?

A: I'd like to make it very clear that you aren't just paying for my digital file. My pricing is determined by the hours that I spend on average to draw and paint the work that you have ordered. You are paying me to insert you into my schedule and apply the years of art practice I have. Each hour you commission me to work would cost about $12.

Q: Will I pay you on an hourly basis?

A: No. Hourly rates do not apply to fixed-rate work, such as the $10 sketch commissions. This is only a guideline that I use to determine rough base prices for larger pieces. For instance, prices are set at a $50 base for five hours of painting. Price will increase on more intricate orders due to more time I need to set aside to fulfill your commission. Ask me for a quote.

Q: Can I pay with deviantART points?

A: No, at this point, I do not take point commissions. I may open them up some time in the future, so stay tuned. PayPal only. All prices are in USD.

Now then...

1) Sketch commission - $10 USD. Optional *flat* colour for $3 USD extra.

   Concept 2sa by DeerHooves
Slora Da by DeerHoovesRobosketch by DeerHoovesElexpressions 2da by DeerHooves

A cleaned up uncoloured sketch, either done digitally or traditionally. If it's a pencil and paper sketch, the final product will still be delivered to you digitally. I will take an hour or more to complete these. If you'd like a more detailed sketch that takes two or more hours to complete, just ask me for a quote.

You can get to add in some quick flats for $3 USD on top of the sketch price.

Ordering process

Initiate your order by sending me a note! You'll need a deviantART account to do this. Please include any and all references you can find! Character sheets, descriptions, and just about anything else you can think of will help me to accurately depict the personality of your character(s). At this point, we will talk about style, posing, and other little details you might want to see.

Once we've finalized the working details, I'll put your name in a commission slot, and then I'll send you my PayPal account, as well as a revised final price if you request more characters in your sketch. Upfront payment in full is required for this type of commission due to its simple nature.

Be sure to include your deviantART username in the PayPal transaction. I will start the sketch upon receipt of payment, and will come out with a finished product within a few days to a week (depending on my availability)


2) Digital portrait/bust - $25 USD

This will be a full-colour, shaded, digitally illustrated portrait or bust. These take longer than the sketches, usually taking around three hours to complete.

This commission is for solo portraits only.

Ordering process

Send me a note with all of your references, descriptions, and anything else you think I need to know for accurate character depiction. At this stage, we will discuss style/approach, expression, and some other details you would like me to include. We will bounce some notes back and forth to make sure that this comes out the way you want it!

Your commission slot will be confirmed once we've confirmed all of the details. You will receive my PayPal account, and if you have requested any additional work, I will give you an estimate on the final price. At this point, full payment is required to proceed with work.

Once I receive payment, I will start work. Be sure to include your deviantART username in the PayPal transaction. I will send you WIP (work in progress) sketches as often as I see fit to confirm that everything is in working order. This type of order will take a week or more to complete.


3) Digital painting commission! - $60+ USD

Deer's Patreon! by DeerHooves
taking the black by DeerHooveshashtag nomakeup by DeerHoovesEvermore - new song textless cover art by DeerHooves
portrait likeness study by DeerHooves

Ordering this will land you my fully rendered digital painting! This price not only includes the hours I work on this (6-7+ depending on complexity), but also some one-on-one time we will spend together to tweak your painting and make it perfect.

Ordering process

For this type of commission, it is absolutely essential that you send me everything you can find about your characters. Story excerpts, model sheets, character descriptions, and other art you have of them are all great things for me to put in my references folder. I need you to be as accurate and specific as you can possibly be. Nitpick every little detail so that there's no room for error!

I will provide you with a quote for the final art piece you order, as well as a summary of everything you've asked for. At this time, a retainer equal to 1/3 of the final quote is required to be transferred via PayPal. Once payment is received, I will start to sketch out some visual development of your characters in my style, as well as create some thumbnails to pitch some possible ideas and compositions to you. This would be the ideal time to make big changes in posing, scene, expression, etc. before I move on to the next stage of development.

I will then move on to basic colour and value laydown. You will be a big part of the development process, so now would be a good time to work on minor detail changes. Once this is approved by you, I will take the piece to the final stages of development, and send you one more update before final touchups. Any changes at this point will incur additional fees.


Again, prices are all in USD and I accept PayPal  only.

I will refund all payments if I decide that I have to cancel your commission.

If you cancel a commission with me during its development, you will receive all work and development done as far without a refund.

Payment is due after you have been placed in my commission slot and have received a quote. Work will not begin until I receive the required payment.



I reserve the right to decline commissions and cancel them for any reason.

If you are unsure whether I would draw certain subject matter/themes for you, please note me first and get it cleared. I might not be confident in my ability to successfully render certain subject matter, and may decline work on it I feel I can't deliver.

I keep the the rights as the creator of your commissioned artwork. Some of the work, along with WIPs and concept art, may be uploaded to my deviantART account, as well as my Patreon page just to serve as examples of my work.

Last updated Dec 10, 2014

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Are you still open for commissions?
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dis is beautiful. i am crie
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thank you thank you boner bud
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you are alive 8D
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To some extent, yes. c:
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this is dark as hell o.o don't say that
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I kid, I kid!!

How are you, Rigby?
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Rigby!? What!?
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lets rp u be rigby
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And you'll be?
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uhmmm. blue rigby bird!!!
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Wot is it, Mr. Burns?!
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Your idear. And your presentation.
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hehe idear. Thank you Pibs! I put a lot of work and luvvv into making this look good xD I need it to be real pro so i can lure in some peeps to commission meh
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You don't want to overwhelm yourself, which is good to know your limits. I have a vague understanding why high-end artists don't like to put out. There have been cases where people don't pay them for the commissions, or that they have far more pressing priorities, that they can't always complete their works. 
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Yeah yeahhh, you're definitely right about that. I know that there will definitely be some times when I can't complete work that I've been commissioned to do. I'm also aware of some people asking for work on a "spec basis," meaning that I won't work or give out sample sketches without payment or a retainer first. This is to cover my arse and make sure I'm not screwed over by potential "dine and dash" commissioners.
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Smart thinking. And just so you know, when time permits it, I intend to pay you for your services; you have needs too.
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Yes yes! And nooooooooooooooooooooo Pibs! I still have to geet your commission done xD I haven't made any progress in a while, sadly :c
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