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the missing

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"Laina? Is that you?"

There was something peculiar about that planet, something awful about the way it changed us. The creature towered over me and stared into my eyes with an ominous pause. I couldn't tell if there was any of her left in it. And for the first time in years... I was terrified of dying.

I tried something new with this piece. I didn't use the brush a single time, instead opting to paint with the lasso tool exclusively, save for several gradients I used for lighting at the end. It yields interesting results, and just as importantly, it does so quickly.

Everything was done without references. I struggle with imagined creations, so working like this helps me a lot. I do recognize the importance of working with them anyways to build up your visual library. I'll work on that later.

2h 15m of painting time. Maybe a bit less

Edit 25/04/2014: Added some yellow accents to the terrain and characters.
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I like this here drawing! It's simple, and the colors are sharp and sci-fi-ish. The only thing that I don't like is the ground on which their feet are on; it looks sort of off-putting, like the footing does not look congruent with the feet. 
Other than that, it looks great. The technique you used really gives it that sci-fi feel, and your anatomy is great. 

It's great to see that you're creating new things and developing as an artist. :highfive: Keep up your work there! :)
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Damn, dude! Looks great :D
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Thats pretty awesome, using the only the lasso tool really gave it a neat look! :D
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Huh. Only the lasso tool. That makes for quite an interesting style. I may have to try this some time. This looks great.
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Thank you, Pibblesssss! ^.^ Doing this kind of work is refreshing.
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It certainly is! Is it a Science Fiction you're into, or something that you yourself came up with?
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It's something from the bowels of my imagination! 100% made up, hum-hurr, with a few elements probably stolen from other sci-fi things :P
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:icondawwplz: That's some imagination! Sadly, there's really no such thing as originality, but patterning ideas based on other people's is a far cry from ripping-off ones, or riding on their coat-tails!
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I'm getting so tired for waiting to you, at this rate, I'll fucking fail my exam, well, it's not like you care anyway.
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