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Hate me and get mad at me if you'd like to! That's not the first time somebody's done that to me. I can take it. c:

Drew this because I wanted to. I get stuff done either when I want to or when I feel like I'm ready to do a great job.

WAFFLE HUT I want to do this with everyone so prepare yourselves

Traditional sketch and cleanup, digital colours
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Feb 4, 2014 2:28:32 AM -05:00
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This is a really lovely portrait! Such beautiful soft lines, and that warm smile... I really want to know what she's thinking!

It makes me want to see how you would depict my OC, Evening Song (pic is my avatar). I have the feeling she'd be so pretty I would blush!

Light and laughter,
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Nice, I love the style! :D
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Hiya Pajaga! Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and watching. I'm glad you likey! :P

I quickly went through your gallery, and you have a really nice traditional style ^.^ Very clean and refined line work along with straight, even hatching. That's more than I can say about my pencil and paper work xD 

It also seems like we share some interests! Fidget's a pretty cute character and I need to finish playing through that game. ;P Are ya on Steam? o:
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Your welcome DeerHooves! 
I actually found you through and noticed you to were applying to Sheridan Animation, I unfortunatly wont be making it into the program this year due to a horribly timed snowboard accident that I broke my back and arm in thus preventing me to finish my portfolio before the deadline, but I will still be attending the school none the less in the Art Fundamentals, so I might see you there! :D

Also thanks, I'm glad you like my work. :3 Your not to bad yourself!  

And yes Fidget is indeed adorable! X3 and  don't feel bad I haven't finished the game yet either, made it to the last level and for some reason haven't gotten around to beating it! x)

Oh and yes I do have a steam, I am pretty sure my username either patjam103 or pajaga ones my account name the others my screen name, I just get them mixed up sometimes! :b

Any-who, keep up the awesome art! 


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Oh whaaaaaat, really? xD Glad ya found me!

and oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dude :c I'm really sorry to hear about that snowboarding accident Dx Really sucks that that prevented you from making up your portfolio :/ Has everything been healing up okay, though? Ohhhh, nicenice! :D If I dooooo get in, I'd really like to meet you ^.^ I took fundies for a semester, hehe. wasn't really into it xD But hey, maybe you'll like it!

Aha, thank youse! :D If you have any questions about portfolios for animation, I'll be glad to help you out ;P

Ahhhhh, yo haven't beaten it either? xD Oy, I'm sure we'll get around to it soon enough, hehehe.

Okey, gotcha! :D I hope you don't mind me addin' you ^.^ always good to find new friends, yaw!

Hehe, same to you! I've got you in my watch now, so you'll never escape >:U

talk to you again soon!
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   Yeah every thing has been healing up well, I was really lucky it was a stable fracture, so I can still walk and what not. Since it was my spine I broke things could have been a whole lot worse!

   And yes we will have to meet up some time if you make it in (which I think is leaning in you favor looking at your art)  And I hope I enjoy the Fundie's course, I mean it wasn't my first choice but hey, some things you just can't predict happening. Just means 5 years of college instead of 4, which I truly don't mind :)

   And I might just have a few questions for ya when portfolio's roll around again! 

Haha, Of course I don't you adding me! We should totally do some gaming some time! :U

...there's no escape? NO ESCAPE!?!?! AHhhhhh!!! ABORT, ABORT!!!!!!!! It's not working!!!.... I guess my only choice now is to just accept my fate... But wait, I have you in my watch to >.> Mwahahahahaha, Looks like we've got ourselves a good o'l fashion stand-off here! XD

  Haha, anywho thanks for the watch! :D

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Well.... >~< Thank you...
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