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Mar 17 edit: Little less blushy. Little less drooly. More colours in the bg.

This is a long overdue art trade with :icongrandifloru:. Hope ya like it! ^^ I decided to get carried away and play around with a new painting method. Two birds with one stone. This could also serve as a commission example, since, y'know, I don't really have any yet.

No cutie mark because I didn't want to design one and the tail looks like a pole going into Powder's butt because I didn't want to bother with fur details.

This is my first time trying out ambient occlusion painting, and heh, I enjoy it. You start out monochromatic, painting the figure with only value, making it look like a model right out of Maya or Zbrush, hehe. Theeeeeen you colour over it. It's a bit more complex, but that's the gist of it. 

This got a bit more suggestive than I was originally intending it to ^^; Whatever, though. Here's the process. Check it out! You might learn something from it like I did.

DON'T SNIFF MY NIPPLES - process by DeerHooves

Thanks for viewing. Feel free to download~ 16:9 ratio will fit 1920 x 1080 monitors perfectly.

Now onto the other stuff I need to finish before I can get on with my life. Still need a lot of work before I get decent at this.
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This title is the oddest combination of intriguing and unsettling.
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My my! What a lovely picture, I have been meaning to try this method myself, it looks super interesting.
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Thank you! :D Painting with occlusion shadows is pretty fun and seems like it could be more efficient than my usual painting technique, so I'm definitely going to adopt this from now on. ^^ The process I used is in the description if ya wanna have a look~

Again, sorry my half of our trade got finished so late! D: I put a lot of love into this one to try to make up for it.
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To the title:

Arin Hanson: Excuse me
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Who is this "Arin Hanson???"
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Damit barry

Game grumps/ Egoraptor 
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yummy pibbles nommm
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She looks a bit like :iconmaudpie:
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Yessss I've been told that. Dunno who that is, though~

AND I just deleted one of your earlier comments, oops! xD but yes, I have been considering doing commishes. I already have like three in my queue, and now that I have time to work on them... woop woop!!!
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That's great! I suggest if anyone wants you to do a picture of a pony, they should request it as a commission. Tis the law of opportunity co$t.
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