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Antique Brass Pearl

By Deer-Head
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((AB Pearl's themes:…;… ))

 Agender (they/them)

Sexuality: Asexual/Aromantic

Height: 5'2"

Weapon: Nagamaki

Antique Brass Pearl belongs to Gold Sheen Obsidian
Gold Sheen Obsidian by Deer-Head

I am -NOT- open for fusion requests at this time, but if you want to you can draw fusions with any of my gems as long as you link back to me!
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:) (Smile) I think they look cool too.
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After the Salty, the Sour and the Sweet, meet the Bitter Pearl ! Buy your own BP in our store TODAY !
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Gonna sound silly, but I feel happy that I'm the same height as them???? I know that makes no sense but...? (sorry bout that spelling error)
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Awww what a cutie!
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So are they like an Oni?
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their owner is more than they are. they just have horns, that's p much it
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This pearl looks awesome..! A true samurai to go up against my gemsona, Ghost Quartz.
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Ohh my goodness theyre adorable!! all your gems are so great omg,,
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//smooches them again now that they exist U3U ~ <3
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that eyebrow game tho
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I immediately could tell who her owner was great job!
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they use they/them pronouns but thank you
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Does Antique Brass Pearl have a burst ability as well, or is that power just exclusive to Gold Sheen Obsidians? :o
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it's exclusive to Gold Sheen, this is just a regular pearl :v
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Your welcome. Its was really cool that they both have that side image(Antique Bras Pearl looks so regal) I really can imagine them being canon.

And oh should've guessed from the bare chest(Lol +I just noticed the summary).
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Wow, another stunning Gem.. This Pearl is rad. Lovee ittt
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Love the design, theme and the music!
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Aaaaaaaaa Iove them! <3
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I love the shape of their gem! 
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I know right?
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