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Smoke Break by DeepXC Smoke Break by DeepXC
My younger brother and my friends have been making me play zombies on Xbox live, alot. and I mean alot lol. And I was feeling good one night after a heavy session of Zombie games was winding down and everyone had gone to bed. I was thinking about my next piece and this just kinda popped in my head. And I kinda have been running with it ever since. I have put more time and effort into this piece than any piece before. But This is Vega my Black ops 2 Zombie OC Character. Favorite gun is Mustang and Sally <3 Also all the Blood isnt his, its Zombie blood. Also all the colorful drinks are actual perks from the game. Also he has a big thing for phoenixes. another story for another time. Piece time and place is Black Ops 2 Zombies. Some bumfuck nowhere town stuck in a small garage.

Wrote this on a post it note on my desktop while taking a break from working on this piece.

"Vega sat down on the mystery box finally seeing a break in numbers. The Zombies had stopped spawning and he could take a much needed break. He pulled his last blunt from his pocket. Eye balling it, he noticed the blunt covered in pocket fuzz. Sighing heavy blew most of it off. He placed the blunt in his mouth, as he started to pat his jeans pockets. Suddenly realizing his zippo was no longer in his pocket. Sighing again and rolling his eyes. He looked down at the ground, trying to recall the last time he had used his zippo. He wiped the blood off his upper lip as he recalled getting that lighter as a gift from a good friend. Bringing his best friend back into his memory wondering if he too were alive in this so called hell. "

Would like to thank my Bestie for making his one tattoo for me. :iconlumasan:


Pose Stock

Tattoo Brush

Stock Texture

Guns Reference

Jean Brush

:iconassyrianic: Perks Badging

Also Random Google images.
SenshiStock Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for showing me! I am glad that the stock was helpful :D
DeepXC Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very Helpful! Thanks again :3
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