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In my most recent set, I was very excited to have combined a picture style called "Flatt" with my new CPL. What did this combination achieve? Near perfect exposure.

Flaat_11 supposedly gives you a glorious 11 or more stop dynamic range (which I was very happy to take advantage of).

Flaat is a picture style from Similaar and is available here…
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Sorry if I haven't been very active lately, but I have had a veritable tonne of homework.
I got my CPL so I'll be playing with that, and I will probably be processing all the stuff in queue.
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Thanks for all the watches and favorites in the past few days! I would personally address each one of you were it not for the fact that there are so many!
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I recently patched my 1100D to run Magic Lantern, a wonderful alternative firmware (more of a mod, actually). Having played with it, I can say it's pretty damn cool and I'll be posting some pictures soon that I took with the assistance of Exposure Zebras.

Some of my favourite features have been:
- Exposure Zebras
- A sort of Focus "Zebra"
- Intelligent HDR exposure/ISO/aperture bracketing
- Custom crop marks
- More information on the HUD in Live View
- Live Lens and Focus data
- Writes Enfuse scripts
- Open Source
- Trap Focus
- HDR video
- Much, Much, More

You can see if it's available for your camera at
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I've got some great shots here, but I can't just yet put them up, as I'm stuck with a piss-poor hotel internet connection till some time wednesday.
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Got a Rebel T3. Win
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Switch To Linux

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 30, 2011, 5:57 PM
Switched to linux (again :D) recently. Much more efficient at handling large files and has better support for ATI cards than Windows 7 Pro x64 (Go figure...). All in all, I prefer it.

Just got a faster conenction. TW still needs to get us the FASTER download they PROMISED us. On the other hand, the upload is at least 9001x is faster, so I can get more pix online :D
Configuring BIND DNS in webmin is FUNNNNNN. (god someone SAVE ME)
Check mah new ste @
I'm currently staying in houston for spring break. And at very snazy hotel, look at my scrapbooks for some pix.
I'm taking so many photos, I can't keep up with them...
Whole whack of photos coming.
I figured that I would finally upload something worthwhile here....
More To Come.
I Encourage The Criticism Of Images.