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One will first notice the positioning of the subject in a "cloud" of information - to me, this symbolizes out being immersed in our so-called "sea" of information. You'll also notice that the subject looks rather confused, also symbolism. We are so overwhelmed by the aforementioned "sea" of information in which we reside - we have so many passwords, emails, contacts, tweets, deviations and what have you to keep up with, so many more perceived social obligations than we did (even last year) that we often have a hard time finding our way, as is the pictured woman.

All of this superimposed over the sea, also representing our lost-ness, or "drowning" if you will, in the almost echo-chamber of information we create for ourself and others.

This is a good work, with clear intentions and value. The compositing is excellent, and is not at all too obvious. A decent amount of random skew and blur has also been applied to the various lines in the photo, so as to reduce visual fatigue, and draw attention to the significant portions of the photo.

All-in-all, this is a very high quality composition, and does an excellent job of representing both abstract and surreal digital art.
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VelmaGiggleWink Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Very Detailed and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! :)
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