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Megan Fox



I painted Megan Fox from Transformers in Photoshop using this reference image: [link]

I would have uploaded a bigger image, but with all the art thieves about which have stolen this painting already, I think it's best leaving it small. Sorry! :(

This is for Geraint, my awesome college friend and video editing colleague! I hope you like it!

I had a lot of fun digitally painting on my Vista while watching the first season of Heroes on my Macbook Pro! I think I watched 3 DVDs which was about 10 episodes. I'm hoping to begin my next artwork very soon, I'm envisioning a phoenix + boy + girl. ;)

Also watched the latest Harry Potter at the cinema from 11:00pm to 1:00am last night, got to bed at 2:00am! Not the usual for me! It was good, I kept getting it mixed up with the 7th though and was anticipating a massive battle between Death Eaters and the teachers at Hogwarts. I really liked the character interactions and love in the air. I felt that Ginny's acting was unconvincing though. However LOVE Hermione x Ron!!!!!!!! *fangirl* The next movie in TWO PARTS is going to be EPIC!

Time: 12+ hours
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS + CS4
Equipment: Wacom Intuos 3 Graphics Tablet
Tools: Brush, smudge, blur, art history brush (base colours)
Filters: Gaussian Blur, Sharpen
Adjustment Layers: Curves, Colour Balance
Image size
7813x4883px 2.34 MB
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