Power Girl gets help from her friends Ch. 12

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While Donna and Debi Isthmus who are flying close to Wordgirl who is carrying over her right shoulder a semi conscious Power Girl who despite wearing a special space suit that was supposed to shield her from the Krypton effects of the rogue meteor made her slightly dizzy, Captain Huggyface who was riding inside his spaceship that Professor Hamilton gave him as a special present so he could be with his mates asks his student Wordgirl in a concerned tone of voice "Partner, are you okay carrying Power Girl over your shoulder?"

Wordgirl replies to her teacher and best friend in a kind tone of voice "I am okay Captain. The leader of the stooges I mean the Lexicon Bandits has this flight under control. As soon as we enter the atmosphere of Earth, I am sure that the yellow sun will revive Power Girl quickly. Home bound as we approach Earth."

At this time Power Girl is coming to her senses as she tells Wordgirl in a kind tone of voice "Thank you Wordgirl for your service of assisting me. I can fly toward Fair City now. The effects of the Kryptonite are wearing off."

Then Power Girl then resumes her flight alongside her mates as they approach Fair City still wearing her space suit as they arrive at STAR Labs.

As soon as the Lexicon and Krypton heroines arrive at the front door of the building, they are being chased by a bunch of reporters that cover the news in Metropolis and Fair City.

Isthmus "Panama" Squirrel asks Power Girl in a voice of concern "Power Girl, are you sure that these kinds of receptions never happened to Superman?"

Power Girl tells the History Nut in a tone of being sarcastic "Yes when my cousin beat the daylights out of Darkseid in his home planet. Even though my cousin beat his opponent like a drum, Superman's reputation as a hero took a severe beating in the court of public opinion. (Legacy from the animated series) Due to the assistance of the Lady Raider who became his spokeswoman for a period of one month, his image as the angel in Metropolis was restored. Now let's fly inside this building as I will use my heat vision to keep the reporters away from us."

As soon as the heroes enter the building to see Professor Hamilton, the professor and his assistant Elizabeth Parker greet them with a huge hug.

Professor Hamilton tells the heroes with a smile in his face "Thank you from the bottom of my heart as well as Elizabeth. The world owes you their gratitude for saving our planet."

Wordgirl tells the professor with a smile on her face after Captain Huggyface has entered the building via a side window after parking his spaceship on the roof by climbing down using his climbing skills, "No problem professor. We had the time of our lives saving our planet."

Power Girl who at this time is inside a dressing room to get the space suit off of her body reappears to join her mates by telling them "We made a very good team out there. It brings back some wonderful memories of my days with the Justice Society. What do we do for an encore?" More to come. I do not own the characters of Wordgirl and Power Girl. #Wordgirl

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