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After the Lexicon Bandits team have vanquished the Joker and his partner Harley Quinn even though they were in a backup role, Robin the Teen Wonder thanked Panama Squirrel for allowing her to use a replacement belt after his original utility belt had been tampered with when he rescued Harley Quinn who playing the role of a damsel in distress by switching his belt with a defective belt.

Robin hugs Panama Squirrel who in turn kisses Robin on his right cheek on his face as she tells him in a kind tone of voice "My pleasure Teen Wonder. I am sure when you and Batman return to your hideout, you will get a replacement utility belt. You can send my extra utility belt to my River Hato Elementary School address in care of Karen Starr who is my history teacher."

Robin tells Panama in a kind tone of voice "Done deal. Until we meet again. Batman and myself bid you a farewell. It is our pleasure working with you and your teammates."

As Panama and Wordgirl bid farewell and fly away to their respective homes in Fair City where they live with their parents, Karen Starr who is secretly Power Girl who is Superman's cousin is getting ready to hold her history class for the next day.

Karen then gets a message on the school television news that a meteor that contains Kryptonite is headed toward Earth.

Karen is thinking to herself "Superman or Supergirl and myself could handle this threat except that the radiation from the Kryptonite will end our lives. Now I know that Gabrielle Squirrel and Panama are the same person. I will have to act discreetly when I have a private chat with her when she comes to class tomorrow."

Then Karen listens to the radio in Colonial Fair City that is playing the theme song from "Kelly's Heroes".

Karen is then thinking to herself "It is too bad that my cousins and myself never thought of working like that group of soldiers during World War II. It was that super hero who works for the competition (Marvel Comics) who battled those nasty Germans. I can dream that a movie studio will ask us to make a movie like that. It would be nice to play 'Let's Make A Deal' with our enemies during any war movie like stealing gold from them. Come on Karen, guys like Clint Eastwood are one in a million."

In the meantime Metropolis businessman Lex Luthor is inside his office talking to his assistant Mercy Graves about the possible collision with Earth and a meteor that is loaded with Kryptonite.

Mercy tells Lex in a tone of panic "Lex, the news reports are stating that a meteor loaded with Kryptonite is coming to wipe out our population. Aren't you concerned that Superman cannot save our planet?"

Lex tells Mercy in a sarcastic tone of voice "Of course I am concerned. However what you do not know is that I have friends in the Pentagon who have the weapons to stop this menace. They took down Superman and Supergirl once. (Legacy). Who needs that boy scout when our own military will do my bidding?" More to come. I do not own the characters of Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Robin, Power Girl and Wordgirl.

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