Power Girl gets help from her friends Ch. 1

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Karen Starr who is not related to former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr (Nee Sir Richard Starkey) has a plan to speak to her favorite history student Gabrielle "D D" Squirrel (D D stands for her friends Donna and Debi Moreno) about seeing if she can contact her close friend Isthmus "Panama" Squirrel who is an alien from Lexicon.

Karen gets her wish when during roll call at River Hato Elementary School when Gabrielle answers her name being called by Starr during history class.

When the class ends which also ends her school day, Karen asks Gabrielle to have a quick chat since a television report mentions that a meteor that is loaded with Kryptonite which can maim or even rub out Power Girl or anyone of her relatives from the radiation.

Gabrielle asks her history teacher in a tone of being curious "Ms. Starr, did I do something that got me in trouble?"

Karen tells her student in a calm tone of voice " No Gabrielle. As you know, a meteor is in space that is likely to strike our city within two days. I know that you are good friends with Panama Squirrel as well as Wordgirl, her monkey partner Captain Huggyface and the Isthmus Sisters to do the job that a native of Krypton cannot handle. Would you be able to contact them for me as well as the world?"

Gabrielle tells Karen in a cool tone of voice "Ms. Starr you have yourself a deal. Since every member of the Lexicon Bandits are from Lexicon, Kryptonite will not affect us at all. See you at school tomorrow. Lord willing of course."

While Gabrielle leaves the school to get on board the school bus to get back to her parents home, Becky Botsford who is secretly Wordgirl has a chat with her friend Todd Ming who is a reporter with the Woodview Elementary School newspaper "The Daily Rag." is walking toward her parents home.

Todd asks Becky in a tone of concern "Becky. Did you know that a meteor that is loaded with Kryptonite is at least two days from striking Fair City?"

Becky tells Todd in a voice of surprise "That is news to me. Since you and Violet know my secret identity as well as my cousins Donna and Debi Moreno. I will contact my relatives as soon as possible since as the song sung by that late singer that was nicknamed 'Old Blue Eyes' would say 'It's up to you New York.'"

Todd tells Becky in a tone of surprise "I did not know you are a fan of that singer. My parents play that song a lot."

Becky replies to her best friend in a cool tone of voice "So does my uncle Ronnie. He did play baseball with the New York Yankees organization." More to come. I do not own the characters of Wordgirl and Power Girl. #Wordgirl #Power Girl

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