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Rainbow Colors by DeepChrome Rainbow Colors by DeepChrome
It's been a piece.

I've moved, had to settle into a machine that was functional only for the interim until the newer one (formerly my stepdad's) was cleaned out and ready for me to use. The older one had crashed around Christmas, and I'd had it temporarily set up (and working fine, even with rendering) for a while, but didn't really feel settled in. Nor did I much feel like doing fractals.

Now that the hoopla's settled with my new job after a few months, and the new machine's in, and I finally turned off the damn sleep Apo won't turn a Vista machine off in the "Turn computer off after finishing" mode. Annoying, but liveable.

Anyways, this is from the same general parameter set as that last batch of fractals I'd cranked out before my hiatus. I'm going to just keep tweaking until I feel confident enough again in my fractaling to try something newer.

In the meantime, more stained-glass pretties!

Apo7X T500. (The other version just never is stable for me, not even on the new rig. Urg. :shakefist: )
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September 28, 2010
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