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Homeworld fanart comic

By DeepChrome
DEFINITELY intended to be funny. :XD:

I drew this in one sitting in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 with Aiptek pen and tablet. I debated whether or not to put it in the Fanart section as it is truely fanart (particularly the last frame...hell of a way to get my Karan S'jet picture drawn... :O_o:) and decided because it was sequential and done in comic form, it should end up here. So I figured sticking "fanart" in the title would at least alert people that this is intentional fanart, with credit for the one borrowed Homeworld character going to Relic Entertainment.

So, enjoy. And I might point out that you have to play something Homeworld related online to get the joke. (Me I've played Cataclysm online, but I guess someday I'll find a way to play HW and HW2 online, as satellite internet isn't supposed to be particularly kind to online gaming...:shakefist:)

I drew a lot of inspiration for the drawing style from PennyArcade and MegaTokoyo, both of which are gamer-intensive online comics. :D

Homeworld, its characters, and all associated with it, are copyright to Relic Entertainment. (As Sierra published, and Relic basically made.)
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Now THAT'S EVIL!:) (Smile) Clap
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That's odd... wasn't expecting Karan Sjet to be playing games, although I can imagine that she'd be the best gamer in the universe. Oh, and ah, BANANAQUEEN?!!11!!?! In next week's episode, Jim Raynor plays Starcraft, followed by Andy beating the snot out of Advance Wars! Just wait till we show you Cloud's PS1.
Still, great work, and I envy taiidan_wacko. :D
BananaQueen? but wh.....oh! i see what you did there :stupidme:
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Yessss, queen of the Banana-ship. ;)

It's a running nickname for the Kushan Mothership among Homeworld gamers, which is where I got the idea from.
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Haha.. that's epic. xD!
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The Bananaqueen! From the 'nana chronicles? Nuuuuus! :noes:
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This, is, funny! :+fav: 'd.
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w00t nice!
Playing at the speed of thought, eh?^^
A shame EndWar didn't really manage to do that...
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Thank you. :D

Hey, just imagine what gaming would be like if we could all jack into our computers...
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banana queen because the ship she's hooked up into looks like a banana? XD
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Huh... Looking for inspiration at midnight might not be the best idea, but somehow I manage to dig up gems like this one.
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HAHAHA!!!! :rofl:
Karen S'jet playing Homeworld!! :D
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Thanks. This is an old one now, but I did always like the humor of her playing the game she's in. :D
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No kidding! It's hilarious! :D
Great art BTW.
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