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Harah by DeepChrome Harah by DeepChrome

Before Paul could answer, there came a low call and the troop swept forward into a wider chamber, carrying Paul with them. He found himself in an open space confronted by Stilgar and a strange woman wearing a flowing wraparound garment of brilliant orange and green. Her arms were bare to the shoulders, and he could see she wore no stillsuit. Her skin was a pale olive. Dark hair swept back from her high forehead, throwing emphasis on sharp cheekbones and aquiline nose between the dense darkness of her eyes.

She turned toward him, and Paul saw golden rings threaded with water tallies dangling from her ears.

This bested my Jamis?” she demanded.

“Be silent, Harah,” Stilgar said, “It was Jamis’ doing - he invoked the tahaddi al-burhan.”

                                                                                                                   - Dune, Frank Herbert, p. 342

I got as close to the book description of Harah as I could. However, I made her darker-skinned than pale olive because even with that description, she doesn’t read to me as white. So I found a nice reference for a Middle Eastern woman’s face on Google, and while glancing periodically at it to get her eyes and facial shape right, I just worked Herbert's description in with those. I kept her lean-looking, as that’s a common description of the Arrakeen natives. Not sure if I like my current pass at the all-blue spice eyes, but it’s a start. Pretty happy with the way her skin looks - don't think I've quite gotten it that soft and believable before....

Seems to me usually the major characters get portraits, but we don’t see some of the secondary characters depicted. And I felt like doing this, so.

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