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ALIEN LEGACY by DeepChrome ALIEN LEGACY by DeepChrome
Yeah, it's my yellow piece. :shrug: Probably is going to be my only yellow piece. It took long enough to make Apophysis GIVE me a fractal that didn't look terrible in yellow. :lmao:

SOAPBOX ALERT. This will likely be the longest description I will ever do, and I may even paste this into my journal to reiterate what I've said here.

Anyways...while I support jark and have taken my gallery into storage to protest what happened to him, I do feel things have gone too far. My take on things?

The administration should've seriously considered resolving the difference in private, before it got to the point of publicly booting one of its core administrators. I could understand if they had a good reason...but they should've given an announcement, and some kind of explanation as to why immediately. Instead, we get a journal entry by $spyed that, to me, doesn't seem to answer the WHY at all, while Jark explains the legalese isn't even an excuse. We just want to know WHY. Is that so difficult for people to understand. Just...why. The conspiracy theories, the rioting, the anger, could've all been averted, or at least toned down, if we'd known the reasons behind this firing. Evading the why about legalese might be well, legal, and neccessary, but it will not and cannot assauge the burning need to know why. For as long as the why is not known, people are NOT going to move forward.

On the other versus corporate. :no: THIS is the biggest mess I'm seeing come out of this, the community versus corporate mindset. It has gotten to the point where I wonder if we're going to end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater, just to assauge the need to get Jark his $ back. What kind of damage would we be doing in the accomplishment of our goal?

How can either exist without the other on a site with one million users?! People, let me ask you this. Can a mere community survive when money is needed to keep something this big operational and running smoothly? Can a community of artists, many of whom need to make a living of some kind, get by without something corporate to give them that opportunity? Reality requires the corporate side's input and assistance. Reality requires a site this size to make or get money in some way to support itself. Those of you who have jobs and work to put food on the table know what I'm talking about.

At the same corporation can say it does more than meet the bottom line if it has no soul. It must have a community--not only within itself and its members, but with its customers. Community ties the company to its clients, and gives the clients a reason to keep doing business with them. A company that respects the community it is, and exists in, is a company that will have a healthy bottom line. Because that community sense helps the customers and the members stay on, and keep staying on with the company. It's customer service--and any company MUST honor its clients, or they will go someplace that has the soul they want from a business. They will go someplace where they can get their needs met, and feel welcome and appreciated in doing so. In that angle, community is not only important to a business' survival, but essential.

See? You cannot have one without the other.

Now, why are our two top admins--the one who focuses on community, and the one who focuses on corporate--at odds with one another?! What we had was exactly the system this site needed. Someone would handle the community aspect, and focus on that aspect so it is the best it can be. Someone would handle the corporate aspect, so this site can earn the money it needs to stay alive, and functional. Why has this fallen apart?

I am not going to say DA is going to die without jark. Quite the opposite--sometime we would have had to face the reality that jark might resign. Sometime we would have to face that this site will run without its core founders. DA is jark's child. But parents raise their children so they may go on one day without them. We're all starting to sound like a bunch of needy children who think they cannot survive without their parents. Some may not. But many of you can and will, because it is a part of growing up.

I created this fractal, not to say jark needs to come back, but to say that both sides need to find a balance. It has jark's yellow, and $spyed"s black, because DA is a union of both the the community and commercial mindsets. If we are to save either the company OR the community, we must work together and come to an agreement about what DA is, and where DA is heading. It flows and is musical almost, because great music comes from the tension and release. The properly tightened piano string, and the hand on the key.

Loosen the string too much, and the sound isn't right. Tighten the string too much, and no sound comes out. We must find the balance that makes great "music" on this site. That means being mature, and instead of just complaining, doing something constructive about this. What it is, is up to you.


Fractal was done in Apophysis 2.02h. Much blurring and layer-tweakage done to eliminate the jaggies to the best of my ability. Text and border done in Photoshop 7.0.
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Lady-Fox Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005
DeepChrome Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :bow: :D
yulii Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
hmm it looks kinda cute and very lively.....:D u should make moreeee yellow fractalss...its pretty dc:)
DeepChrome Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I'll do that--even when the ferver dies down. You saw my Nightlife one--that had a LOT of yellow in it.

And thanks. :D
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August 2, 2005
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