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Lonely Vigil

To all of you who work sometimes boring jobs that give you too much time alone to ponder your life...just a cop taking a 3AM break on some distant world.

Tidbits: Watched THX-1138 the other day and the 70's police race car Duvall drives was the inspiration to create my own version. Source reference is a modified Porsche 917: [link]
Credit to Tsarye for using some of his star stock: [link]

Peep the high-rez if you like for detail.
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nice work, sir. very retro style.
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Hey thank you much! 
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This image spoke to me. Back when I was working for a life-sapping corporate animation company I had one moment like this where I stopped by the roadside while coming home from work and thought about my life and purpose for a very long time, sitting on the grass. It didnt matter that it was in the ams and that someone could sneak up behind me and stab me, I just had to stop for a moment.

Great rendering. The police car is particularly great, so is the pose of the character. The composition is the biggest attraction for me. :thumbsup:
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Thanks for sharing that since a similar experience was my inspiration. I used to work late insane bar hours, and did the same: pulled over in the dead of night staring at the stars etc., wondering what was the point of my life. :shrug:

Kudos for your kind words, I wasn't sure if the composition would work.
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All the instrumentation reflecting in the windshield add nicely to the overall feel of the shot... :lolly:
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Thanks, the stock pic didn't have squat for an interior so I winged it. :)
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I think you nailed it!! Plenty of tech but not over whelming ...:yoda:
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Really excellent... it is really great to see how the light work here and I like the 'slice of life'setting in this scifi piece and I did take a look at the high detail version and what strikes me most is the details of the interior of the car and the police officer. Again excellent work and hope to see more of these kind of artpieces.
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Slice of life, yes, it's a different approach to my other sci-fi pieces that focus on just spacecraft shots. Yep, went a bit hardcore with detail on this one...happy with the execution of the car and lighting...had a kind of film noir vision in my mind similar to a Michael Mann film. Thanks Manos!
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Its an excellent piece of work and I hope to see more of these kind of works :)
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