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:bulletblue: Free for all to join!

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:bulletblue: Respect all members and their beliefs and ideologies.

:bulletblue: Respect copyright laws.

:bulletblue: Submit deviations to their proper folders. (If you are unsure which folder to submit to, you may ask in the comments section.)

:bulletblue: Ad hominem arguments strictly prohibited.

:bulletblue: Non-English submissions will be removed/declined.

Folders (Subjected to change if necessary.)

Folders marked with an asterisk(*) are open to 3 submissions per day from each member and deviations are automatically accepted, but deviations found to be in violation of the groups rules will be moved or removed accordingly.

:bulletblue: The Featured folder is strictly for your best works and is only open to 1 submission per month, each requiring 10 votes. This is the one folder where you can submit any form of deviation, so long as you believe it to be as good as you can possibly make it. You may also submit these works to the other respectively appropriate folder.

:bulletblue: The Thoughtful Poetry folder is strictly for poems, songs and lyrics of thoughtful and philosophical nature.*

:bulletblue: The Day to Day Thoughts folder is for spontaneous thoughts, questions without answers, thoughts about relatively normal and usual occurrence.*

:bulletblue: The Quotations folder is for anything that is not your own words, and is quoted from somewhere else. Text and image files accepted, though images must contain words in the form of a quote.*

:bulletblue: The In Depth Thoughts folder is for thoughts that go beyond your daily blurb, thoughts that are insightful and relatively philosophical, but are less formal that the academically intensive.*

:bulletblue: The Academic Philosophy folder is strictly for well constructed, argumentative philosophy in regards to any topics under analytic and continental philosophy as well as formal logic. Your work does not have to be an essay but it must be evidently academic. Requires 1 vote to be accepted.

:bulletblue: The Philosophical Visual Art folder is for any thought provoking visuals. Text art accepted (e.g. typography), but it must be in an image file format (.jpg, .png, etc).*

:bulletblue: The Thoughtful Storytelling folder is strictly for short stories that are thoughtful and philosophical in nature.*


Votes are handled by Contributors. Anyone can be a Contributor so long as they agree to vote fairly and objectively, and based on the criteria of the folder being submitted to. If it is decided by Staff that a Contributor is abusing their voting rights, their voting rights will be removed.

:bulletblue: Votes should be based on quality, creativity, originality, and impact. A submission does not necessarily need to have all four qualities to be accepted, but the ones accepted should be those you would give at least a 9/10 rating or better.

Academic Philosophy
:bulletblue: Votes should be based purely on whether a work is Academic or not.

Nota Bene

:bulletred: Opinions of individual submissions does not represent the opinions of the admins, nor the opinions of all members. Individual submissions reflect only the thoughts of the author. The group is cannot be held responsible for the beliefs of any individual author.

Gallery Folders

Thoughtful Poetry
Does God Hate People With Depression?That teen who finally crafted the strength toTell his parents that a family friend reached intoHis sanctuary to rip out the flowers that wereJust starting to bloom, only to be told..."Boys can't be raped. Especially at such aSexually ripe age" by his mother and, from his father,"At that age, I was getting beaten on a daily basis byMy family; I'd take getting laid over that shit any day-Stop your fucking bitching"They all say that he's burning in Hell now;Being fed to Satan's beasts repeatedly forHaving the audacity to seek a way out ofThe depression, the phobias, the PTSD, evenAfter begging God to take the agony away orExplain why He let it happenBut he kept his faith throughout the entire journey,From the moment the door closed to when he kicked theChair out from under his trembling feetAnd that lady whose husband left her for a19-year-old blondie who made him feel like aHigh-schooler a few times at work; a decadeOf unhinged love shattered by a couple ofWinks and off-brand flirtingThose two travelled the world together, hadThree kids, and fulfilled each other's dreams...Until that youngster got bored, and gave him aTaste of his own medicineWhen he came back with his tail between his legs,He was greeted with thorned eulogies, thus joined herIn that tear-stained graveLovers reunited in the Lake Of FirePunished for not accepting silence as an answerAgain, that's what the preachers saySo many more tales like theseSo many suicides pendingGod, are you calling your angels back?Is this your way of bettering us?Or are the fortunate right about you?Are you blessing only the ones whoFell into the correct religion?Either way, empty palms beckon yourHoly truth; may they all be filled withThe same enlightenment
Proportionate DwarfismHarmless, innocent, adorable, ignorantYet, expected to slay the Seven Princes Of Hell;Was I always this many persons?An untouched pearl, a devourer of dreams,An amalgamation of sins, a pillar of flaws,An incel trapped in a metallic womb?A child who never found himself, a teenLocked away from humanity, and a man whoseCapabilities match that of a childThis timeline...It's adorned with fragments that my handsCan only turn into hatred and sorrow, leavingEveryone in a fog of anger and confusionI've demonstrated all of the ways that I'mIncompatible with this world, but those eyesDon't see crutches or a wheelchair, so...I'm thrown into the "Must Not Want It Bad Enough"Bin, with every one of my unrelatable failures andImmature insecurities; no hardships that sparkThose wonderful connections that act asBeacons of unyielding hopeHope: The key that each story has somewhereSomewhere... Somehow... Sometimes...It isn't buried under a willow tree, a king's throne,A god's mansion- simply isn't thereYes, even after obliterating muscle tissueIn the name of passionAnd words have lost their ethereal power,So here are a few more strings of grandiloquence...Flesh forever disgustingly pureFriendships withered by our natureHonesty treated like a broken toySadness always met with razor-sharp vitriolLabor spawning tribulations for the elderlyAdventures blocked by a draconian lack of the basicsReveries drenched in warm blood and bone shrapnelBlessings decimated like viceroy butterfliesAbstractions of a misplaced soul/bodyNow, a new requiem sleepsThe truth will blossomThat glorious escapeEscape to normality
How anthropic. by AAtheist
Xenophon - govern as a liberator by PathtoEnlighten
Threading Hume's Needle by AmericanDreaming
We Cannot Evade Our Responsibility by AmericanDreaming
Day to Day Thoughts
Agreement Junkies by AmericanDreaming
Smile, and Shake Your Head by AmericanDreaming
The Politicization Plague by AmericanDreaming
Do You Know What You're Talking About? by AmericanDreaming
In Depth Thoughts
Academic Philosophy
God's Waterloo (E-book) by AmericanDreaming
Social Chakra- by JuliusSPeyton
Philosophical Visual Art
Remiel's Domain by Leehon
A Glimpse Of Independence by Leehon
Elephant by Peadge
Untitled Reflections by Astrikos
Thoughtful Storytelling


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I am co-founder of this group. I am an admin of six groups so I do not always keep close tabs on them. Anyway, I have noticed that there is very little activity here and wanted to see if people are having difficulty joining or submitting deviations. If you have attempted to join and got an error message, let me know, and I will send an invite. I am not sure if our founder, @kn16h7 is still active.
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This is a group for all thinkers engaged in philosophical inquiry. If you've caught yourself thinking, or asking "why", then you are in the right place. This is a place to ponder, so unleash your deepest thoughts.
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