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Welcome to SSN

heres my map of only one out of 4 (kinda 5!?)
this is a nursary, all horses of AES will live here for a couple of years when they are under 5 years then they move to either, PPS, RTS or HMRS. hehe :D
dont worry, it does make sense (in my jumbled little mind)

1. walker/trainer
2. Garage and some storage
3. Horse box drive
4. Visiter parking
5. Staff parking
6. hall of fame
7. Reception and lounge room 1
8. Stallie's stable (approx. 14 stalls) 1 small lounge room
9. Ponies (approx 8 stalls)
10. Mare stables (approx. 14 stalls) 1 medium lounge room *
11. Indoor arena (usually used for dressage)
12. Outdoor dressage ring (jumps sometimes put out)
13. Outdoor jumping ring
14. Pony Paddock
15. Bachelors paddocks (for the men!)
16. Mare's paddocks (and foals)
17. spare paddock (usually for the sick ones)
18. foaling barn

* between 10 and 18 is the feed room and tack room (forot to number!

im quite pleased with it, i will do more and hopefully improve!

horses who live here at the mo (these guys are definatly here right now, i hopefully will be getting ore increibly soon!)
Golf, 3 year old colt. training as a jumper :D
Ally, [link]
i won him and he is training as a englih eventer
(i need staff for this place ((i know its nor the norm but...)) if anyone wants to 'gift' a person to work here, i would be really grateful. e.g. some one from another stable could come and work here so our stables can interact some how. or soemone could make up a person, with name, age personality and i will use them here :D thanks for reading)
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looks cool.
i want to do something similar with this. And make it into a group, and breed some of my OC.s etc.

But yours looks so much better than what I drew up. :D
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it was a lot of wrk, and thats only one part of my overall stable.... :faint:

so at the mo im sliming down the horseys meaning a lot are going to be sold, which is saad. :C

im sure you could do one amazingly ^^
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Thanks :glomp:

My faourite horses are Jetlyn [jet] and Drummond [beat that drum].. i don't hink i could ever resell them :o Although alot are wanting Jet from my horse adopts.
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awesome names, naww i am facing that problem, but id rather they got a good home instead of collecting cobwebs
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I haven't used mine much yet, but I am going to do a stable hopefully. Maybe we could join forces :headbang:
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that would be awesome...

but first im gunna get a few home of a few unneed equines :cry:
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I wish i knew more about horses. Rather unfair :(
Your lucky!
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lucky? i gotta sell many beautiful, loved horseys :C
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