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another all by MEEEE! haven't coloured in a while so was rather happy how this turned out. obviously a ton of things could be improved. just wished i had the time to do it in. :)
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wow fantastic
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super color !nice drawing!

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Spidey and Wolverine, just awesome, and a great team up. Coloring looks great Andi.
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The1BlurHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome!! Xmen action!
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KatCardyProfessional General Artist
bloomin' eck ... and I thought my centinals were bright in the last xmen strip I coloured! Lol - great work dude, the effects are great here, and I especially like the way you've painted the smoke cloud :)
great seeing you the other night btw... just gutted I didn't get more of a chance to chat! :) - catch ya soon! xXx
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this is pretty intense man... good to see your markers translated to PS=]
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Awesome art - as always :)
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thanks jo! u gonna be at mcm? or is that a silly question? lol. :)
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You're welcome, Andy :D

I shall indeed be there hahahahahaha
Not a silly question at all. Lately, I have been considering cutting some conventions *LE GASP* XD;;;

You know, we should really meet up sometime outside of convention times - I feel so bad that I only get to speak to you during MCMs and LFCCs! I shall drop you a note *nods*
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the purple and pink colors make spidey and woverine stand out more, you art is amazing.
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thanks heaps! i was a bit worried about that since there's a lot going on in that piece. :)
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your welcome
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Jam-WahProfessional Digital Artist
I can see how some people might think it's oversaturated, but in all honesty, I think the vivid colours really work well for this. There really isn't a part of this image I don't like.

I swear, although it's great that the UK Spidey comic has art of this quality, I have to reiterate that the US book could certainly use you.
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thanks so much for saying! it means a lot, but alas, the US don't think so. just gotta keep plugging, the best i can do. :)
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DingoPatagonicoHobbyist Traditional Artist
as sayd in spanish: R I N D E T E M U T A N T E (surender, mutant!) XD
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no retreat, no surrender! XD
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