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This is the portable base executable for Splinter. It only contains Splinter. The splinterfaces must be downloaded separately.


- This software is 100% portable. You may launch and run Splinter from any location or external device.


Once you launch Splinter, an icon will appear in the tasktray. Right click the icon. If you have a splinterface to run, click open and navigate to the file. If you do not, click New and then name and save the splinterface file to any location.

Once you have named and saved the splinterface, you will be able to right click the tasktray icon and select "Add a Page". A page is just a standard Windows wallpaper and one must be loaded before going further.

Once a page has been loaded, you can right click the tasktray icon and select "Add a Trigger". Triggers are just like any other dock icon. Plus they can be dragged anywhere, have any file hotlinked to them, change transparency, and open splicons.

To create a splicon, right click a trigger and click splicon. In new window, click

the "Select Image" button. You MUST choose a 32bit PNG file as the splicon. Adjust

the starting and ending locations for the splicon and set the speed. Click ok and then click the trigger to initiate the splanimation.

Hotlink any splicon by dragging any file, folder, app, weblink, etc onto one.

You can combine splicon splanimations together within internal "scripts" by right clicking triggers and going to properties. See the tutorial videos on Youtube to see how this is done.

On Windows 7, it is best to click the tasktray customize tab and make Splinter show icon and notifications.

To see how scripting works to create splicon sequences, go to the following link and follow the tutorial or to the Youtube link below.

Splicon Dock Tutorial

Splinter Features, Functions, and Usages
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