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Katamari Damacy Dock Icons

By deelo
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Tried finding Katamari Damacy icons to no avail, so I made a couple.. :omg:
Pack includes King of All Cosmos, Prince and his 23 cousins, 塊(katamari) and 魂(damacy) icons.
Katamari means clump, and Damashii means spirit, soul :D
ICO and PNG, 27 icons each.

For more info on the game: [link]
Or visit their official site (Japanese): [link]

Remade the ICOs using IconDrop desklet for AveDesk. ;)
Huge, HUGE thanks to Ave for creating IconDrop desklet for AveDesk!

And a big thanks to VixDiesel for providing cousin list! Visit his/her website to learn more about katamari damacy:

Free for Personal and NON-Commercial Use ONLY!!
Katamary Damacy (c) 2005 Namco Limited, All Rights Reserved.
© 2006 - 2020 deelo
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:iconroyalrainbowplz: Such a silly game. X3
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Ummm, whenever I try making either the png or the ico files the new icon picture thing, it just looks like a standard png image. Like, the default preview image for mac. How do I fix this? Please respond asap please! :D
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These have made my life complete. Thank you. Thank you so much.
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Any chance you would do the round Katamari balls?
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You made my day.
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You know you're amazing, don't you?
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This game is so fun!!!
And these icons are so nice : )
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Love it! Thanks
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... I've had my laptop Portal themed for about two years now. I think this is going to change today if I can find Katamari noises.

OTL I love you for this.
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Amazing Work!!

I love Katamari, THANKS!
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who's YOUR favourite cousin? mine's Opeo .... not over the Prince, of course. <3
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I LOVE YOUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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...This is beyond fantastic.
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Thanks a bunch, Bree!
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i downloaded this icon pack because its super awesome, but it wont let me use them as my icons for my dock on my macbook D:
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Thanks for making these icons. I love Katamari
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I'm going to use these every day.

Thank you.
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Easily the best icons I've found on DA. I'm using them right now.
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I love these! I'm using them now for a nice little katamari theme [link]
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thank you very much.. the icons are really cute
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These are amazing.

I love that game.
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