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Well It have been busy months, and less and less time to photograph or even visit DA. So much has changed, but I still struggle to catch up with all the beautiful stuff that has been uploaded just by the people I watch, not even to speak of DA in general...
Well I probably am missing out, but I also have a life, and it's taking away time from my Photography.

The most "recent" additions haven't seen any photoshop at all, but I am quite confident that they speak for themselves, and can be considered "good enough" the way they came out of the cam.
Life is in progress :)
got to know another nice, and actually quite good looking girl, (current deviation), and what can I say, I guess I'll arrange another fotoshoot, this time under more controlled circumstances.
Still looking forward to the shoot with another girl which had to be postponed because of the weather (planned shots in the Park), and some problems to appoint a new date.
Today It's another fun night at the Club "Neue Welt" here in Bremen so I guess maybe I'll meet some new potential models.
Well, what can I say.
Normally I don't do stuff like this publicly.
I love this Girl I met at a club the other day, but she only sees me as a photographer, not as a person, and certainly not as a male person, if you know what I mean.
Should I go and use her as model and try to get her to know me better through that? or should I try to intensify contact and then maybe take some pictures? I don't know...
While I have no objections about using published art privately in whatever way desired without giving extra money to the artist I absolutely despise people who make money off other peoples work without sharing or even notifying the person in question, like it happened with BlueBlack