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Resources: Head-Neck 1

Studying neck anatomy, movement and rotation.

For the record; I'm studying human anatomy through observing myself, my family members and 2 books I have on anatomy (Leonardo Collection)


When I'm all set to draw, I am drawing according to my style, not to say that anything wrong there is what defines my style, but there are some proportions (face and head) that slightly differ due to my preference for the look of my characters.

Art © dee Juusan

More Studies:
Resources: Head 1 by deeJuusan Resources: Head 2 by deeJuusan

( I am deeply sorry for being unable to answer all comments at the moment. These sheets are of people's liking it seems and I'm SO happy you're finding them useful and greatly appreciate your comments, but it's hard to keep up with my busy schedule. Thank you for your understanding~)

For more tutorials, anatomical studies and step-by-steps, support at patreon page. Thanks :) 
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Thank you for helping everyone better themselves
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THANK YOU FOR THIS, looking up pose is the hardest to draw for me Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
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thanks for the tutorial
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Thank you! It's so helpful! :aww:
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Aww, that helped me with this one. Thaanks.
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this is a really good reference material, thanks for making this
for all interested in Human Resources Management in Arabic Language, you can use this website:

it is a great one
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This is just amazing, it's what I was searching for! thank you very much ♥
Quite useful!  I like the clean, appealing style.
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I printed out two of your head tutorials so I can study off of them inrl.  I hope this isn't bad XD I just wanted to point it out.  I'm using other tutorials to help with my making of bodies, hands, feet, and eyes.  It is easier for me to study off of things inrl for some reason.  Anyways thank you for making great tutorials~Lovely Shoujo (Lovely Heart Dance) [V4] 
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it's very interessing
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That's very, very good!
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Very good!I am going to studying this because I don't know how to draw human anatomy!It's great reference!
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very nice work !!!
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Great resource :-)
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I absoulutly love this <3
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wow, thank you!
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Great! Thank you! :star:
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Thanks for such inspiring pics! I've learned a lot! :D
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This is very helpful thank you! :blowkiss:

I wanted to know what are the titles of the anatomy books that you have? Could you please help?
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these 3 are just awesome and help me a lot. thank you
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Thanks so much for these ref sheets! I'm horrible with human anatomy so these are really helpful for me. Please keep posting them if you can, I really appreciate it.
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