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The Moon

By deejaywolf
The Moon
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I used it here 
Capturennnnm by elfy0012  Thanks! 
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I love any and everything moon <3
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I love the eerie look of it
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beautiful. one of the many thing i can watch endlessly. bonfire, ocean waves, stars, and the moon being hugged by the clouds. 
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Eerily beautiful.  
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Hey, I just got a new camera (Sony a3000) and I was wondering what is the best way to take moon pictures?  I probably don't have the best cam (I only have the lense that came with it) to take moon pics, but I'm trying to work with what I have and I don't know much about the diff functions, like what works best with what.  All I know is that the point and shoot won't work and that it has to be in manual and I thought a low ISO, but when I tried that, my shots still just turned out as a ball of white (no distinction of the moon).  Maybe it's because I don't have a tripod and the simple movement blurred all the white together?  Sorry for the long message, I just came across this picture and since it was so amazing, I wanted to get some pointers!  Thanks.  
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Correction the correct name is Micrography
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In class we are doing Typography next. I was wondering if I could use this as a reference. I would write in the url and your username into the artwork to give you credit.
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I typed in moon stock into the search and it came up ^^' I should have asked first. Let me know if you'd like me to change it please. Awesome picture though.

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beautiful, well done! :)
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how did you get this shot? i love it!
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La foto es muy bonita, buen trabajo =)
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Hey can I use this picture in my blog? I've been looking for a picture like this to use it on my site.
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Simple, and awesome.
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Hi! I used this here : [link]
Your stock is amazing :D
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That's not stock.
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