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Haven't done an emote in awhile. So, here's a simple :yuck:/:eww:

Edit - Fixed a shading error and increased the timing on the tongue frame, many thanks to =RJ815 for the suggestion. Made the tongue itself longer, thanks to =zacthetoad
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BoffinBrainProfessional Interface Designer
I like this one a lot. It's the kind of style I try to produce myself - slightly shiny shading, and some very sharp expressions with clear features.

Hoping you return soon. :)
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I have tried and tried I CAN'T USE IT!
it don't work or what?

how do you use em?
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I'll be using this a lot. I'm pretty sure. lol
Great job! :)
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Great expression!
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RinUntouchableHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome avatar :squee: :chainsaw:
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Thanks! :)
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This looks like it fits in with all the other emoticons just fine.

How do you get these things into the database, anyway?
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AH, well from what I gather, right now it's the phase where everyone is making revamps for current emotes and the 'best' ones are chosen a select few. Then once the revamping of current emotes is done, they call for suggestions for brand new ones. Hopefully this will make the cut. Though it's funny, 'cos the nes I made for the actual revamp weren't well received, whereas this one is receiving a couple of comments stating it should be added to the legend.
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well good luck to you!
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RinUntouchableHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute avatar :3
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Ukiby3000Hobbyist General Artist
I would use it a lot if it was an official emote.

Nice job ^^
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GomotesHobbyist Digital Artist
super nice expression i really like the movements nice touch here
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Thank you! :aww:
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I'm a big fan of the shading, even though normally I generally don't like reflective styles, this is just smooth and subtle enough that it works well.

I think perhaps the tongue could be slightly longer so it hangs over the top of the emoticon, making it a little more obvious.

Smooth work. :)
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Made the tongue longer, it hangs out a bit more now. What do you think? I think it's pretty good. Thanks!
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Much better. ;)
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Heh, I'm really glad you like the shading. I don't know if it's 'cos it's been awhile but, I spent a pretty long time trying to get it right, was obssessed even. I'll try out the longer tongue and see how it looks. Thanks for the critique!
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Very nice expressions!
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haha, I need to make a new emote too :nod:

AH LIEKS EET! :ohnoes:
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Make one! NOW! :icongtfoplz:
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