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Sweet Escape Part 1 (Kurt Wagner x Reader)
(WARNING! Mentions of physical and emotional abuse. While I try not to be too explicit with it, it's written in more detail in this first chapter)
You were surprised at how nervous you were, you supposed it was mostly the over excitement. You had never been to anything like a circus before, but when you heard they’d be in town you purposefully saved what little money you could to go. The colorful tents, the exotic animals, the eccentric people, it all fascinated you to no end.
You had spent the last of your extra money on seeing the trapeze act in the big tent so you were searching for something free to do before you left. The act had amazed you, though as you left you over heard two men saying it wasn’t as good as it used to be. Something about a blue devil who used to make the act the most unique of all. You shrugged the comment off however, when you saw a group of eager patrons heading towards a specific tent.
You fell in with the crowd as they talked excitedly about odd
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Greetings, Liebchen by DeejahThoris Greetings, Liebchen :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 3 0 My Dearest Friend If You Don't Mind... by DeejahThoris My Dearest Friend If You Don't Mind... :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 2 1 Oakvales hero throughout the years by DeejahThoris Oakvales hero throughout the years :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 2 0 The Hero of Oakvale and the Marauder of Bowerstone by DeejahThoris The Hero of Oakvale and the Marauder of Bowerstone :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 1 0 Theatre lights by DeejahThoris Theatre lights :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 1 0
AC: Okwaho (Connor X Werewolf!Reader) Commission
Gunpowder, pine and old lingering rain were always the smells Connor associated with hunting in the bountiful Davenport forest. It had not rained in more than a week in these last days of summer, but the forest always had a way of preserving the scent of previous storms.
He and Myriam were checking their traps and snares for any game. Norris was trying to help (always wanting to spend time with his wife) but he wasn't much use. In the end he just helped carry any catches they found, while he rambled on about the new rumors he heard at the inn.
"No, I'm telling you two, it's this great white beast- larger than even our American wolves!" He insisted, trying to note the size with his hands and not drop their game while doing so.
"Are you telling me that there is a monstrous creature lurking in our forest?" Connor asked, trying to keep his chuckle from surfacing.
"Pay him no mind, Connor." Myriam assured "He just likes recounting those old wives tales he hears from Godfrey and Terry."
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I'll Find You by DeejahThoris I'll Find You :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 5 0 ME: Human Garrus, Tali and Thane by DeejahThoris ME: Human Garrus, Tali and Thane :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 1 0 ME: OC: Darrius and Lynn (bio below) by DeejahThoris ME: OC: Darrius and Lynn (bio below) :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 1 0 Star wars rebels doodles by DeejahThoris Star wars rebels doodles :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 3 3
Between the Years: Chapter 1
Utapau, the ever dry and arid world of the outer rim sector, twelve years after the clone wars and it still wasn't free. Then again, better to be a world that the Empire barley looked at, rather than a world they were constantly raiding.
Ahsoka listened to the soft trickle of water as she meditated, a routine she went through every day, when she had time between physical training that is. 'Exercise your mind as well as your body. Both are one with the force, and you must train accordingly' The wise words of the Jedi master echoed through Ahsoka's memory. It didn't hurt so bad anymore, to think about and remember the old Jedi order as it once was. It didn't hurt as bad to think about her friends and fellow warriors of peace that she fought beside in a war that seemed like a life time ago, all gone, dead or missing now.
Ahsoka's attention perked as she felt a familiar presence drawing near her meditation spot. A throat cleared behind her.
“I ah, hope I'm not interrupting." Said Rex
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Birthday present for my bff! by DeejahThoris Birthday present for my bff! :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 0 0
Mature content
Who's Your Captain (NSFW Connor fanfic) :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 63 28
Fem!Kanen and fem!Connor (sketch) by DeejahThoris Fem!Kanen and fem!Connor (sketch) :icondeejahthoris:DeejahThoris 0 0
A Birthday Fit For A Hero
Connor was thankful for the break in rainy weather, he hadn’t had a dry day in half a week and while he didn’t mind the rain that much, it wasn’t exactly good for hunting. Though one thing did bother him, the other homesteaders. They had been acting very strange lately. Hushing up when he came close to their whispering conversations. Giving each other strange, silent glances and small unusual gestures. Had he done something wrong? He thought as he approached his new catch. Had he said or done something to upset them? He ran through his memories of the past few weeks and could find nothing. Not a miss spoken word or malleable act that could have been taken the wrong way. But still he must have done something for them all to act this way around him.
He heaved the deer over his shoulder and headed back to the manor. The sun was showing it’s bright rays and warming the frontier with a lovely light. It was a nice day to be outdoors he thought, and after he was done w
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Hanyou by FlorideCuts Hanyou :iconfloridecuts:FlorideCuts 48 14 Star Wars - Captain Rex by Robert-Shane Star Wars - Captain Rex :iconrobert-shane:Robert-Shane 572 44 A Wonderful World by LukaSkullard
Mature content
A Wonderful World :iconlukaskullard:LukaSkullard 88 49
Artyhuru-513 by Finexposure
Mature content
Artyhuru-513 :iconfinexposure:Finexposure 54 7
The Beast of Konoha by AkubakaArts The Beast of Konoha :iconakubakaarts:AkubakaArts 188 12
AtemxReader: Thief to Princess Epilogue
You nervously tugged at the top of your white dress that fell to the floor and trialed behind you. Today was the big day, the day you would marry the love of your life, Atem, and would become the Queen of this kingdom. You felt more nervous then back in the days you were forced to steal bread to survive.
You heard someone giggle behind you. "Stop fusing so much (Name), you look amazing." You turned to face the two girls that were helping you get ready. Mana, Atem's childhood friend, was the one who had giggled at your nervousness. Standing next to her was one of Atem's Priestesses, Isis.
Isis stepped forward, holding a beautiful headdress for you to wear. "Mana is correct, you look beautiful (Name)." She gently placed the headdress on your hair and made sure it was in place. "There that looks perfect."
You smiled at the two. "Thank you both for your help."
"Of course!" Mana exclaimed, beaming at you. "Atem will be speechless when he sees you."
"You really think so?" You touched the jad
:icon13youko:13Youko 253 67
Cover 1 by Haodz Cover 1 :iconhaodz:Haodz 3 1 Sirius by WolfRemus Sirius :iconwolfremus:WolfRemus 6 1 Lupin by WolfRemus Lupin :iconwolfremus:WolfRemus 7 1 Razaya|Look to the stars|GLTAS by Shadow-Turtle-234 Razaya|Look to the stars|GLTAS :iconshadow-turtle-234:Shadow-Turtle-234 17 2 Watch at Dawn by Airaly Watch at Dawn :iconairaly:Airaly 37 8 Peachshipping by chocolapeanut Peachshipping :iconchocolapeanut:chocolapeanut 199 34 YGO!: Puzzle Peaches by Auroblaze
Mature content
YGO!: Puzzle Peaches :iconauroblaze:Auroblaze 28 2
PP Preview Panels by SallyVinter
Mature content
PP Preview Panels :iconsallyvinter:SallyVinter 29 1
Captain Rex pinup by El-Niphrendil Captain Rex pinup :iconel-niphrendil:El-Niphrendil 23 29 tonks\lupin by DBANDBAN tonks\lupin :icondbandban:DBANDBAN 26 11


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