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June 9, 2014
Octopus Hairpiece by deeed

The suggester said: "It's really creative and beautifully executed."
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Octopus Hairpiece

Taking custom orders!
I am selling miniature versions of this octopus as hair fascinators. You can buy a premade one from my Etsy store:…
Or note me if you are interested in a colour of your choice!

When I went to a recent Steampunk Ball I didn't think my outfit looked very intricate, so I decided to spruce it up with a funky wig. In the end I used one of Arda's Candy Stripers (Dryad) and made a hairpiece to sit atop it (using pumpkin wefts). Turned out pretty good!

If you want to know how I made it, check out my WIP shots here.
Close-up photos can be found here.

These photos were taken by the talented Gillian B Dragancaor.

Edit 1: To those asking, I'm afraid it wasn't intentionally a Victoria and Otto cosplay (although I can certainly see how it would work as one). I was fascinated by the idea of old-fashioned sea-monsters attacking ships, particularly giant squid and octopuses, so I wanted to do something in that theme. I ran out of time for a ship so just made the octopus. The wig colour was picked essentially because it was sea-green and matched my green dress.
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KiraiTheYangire's avatar
Uwah I want one so bad Q~Q
deeed's avatar
So glad you like it! Unfortunately this is a bit too big and heavy for posting overseas but I do have smaller fascinators occasionally. If you keep an eye on my shop, I'll post when new custom slots become available.…
Cairngorm747's avatar
That is so gorgeous. Love it. 
deeed's avatar
Thank you very much!
OneHandyWitch's avatar
utterly brilliant!!!!!
Lyriga's avatar
That is cool. Made my morning with a smile.
deeed's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it!
official-loser's avatar
This is possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen.
deeed's avatar
Haha! Thank you!
Roosieee's avatar
deeed's avatar
xandraclay's avatar
Congrats on the DD! The blue and orange look great together! The octopus looks so cool!!
deeed's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm so surprised (but excited) that so many people like it. XD
BBMacToma's avatar
It's Dave! No wait. Lol. It's sooooo cute!!! I love it!
nonetheless-incorect's avatar
me: "octopus what, oh its hair... what?" it so pretty
Glitterwater's avatar
This is so amazing!!!
Dan-Photo's avatar
I like it a lot! Looks great with the hair :)
kaamuz's avatar
This stretches steampunk fashion up a notch or two  x')
MauruCat's avatar
that's absolutely fantastic. so well done, D
deeed's avatar
Thank you very much!
VoOdOoJaZzOfFiAh's avatar
when haird decorating has gone to the next level XD
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