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Hippogriff Doodles

Some doodles of hippogriffs. When I was young my brother was into the Warhammer miniatures and that's where I first saw a lot of mythological creatures. Their models have their hippogriffs like this so I've always imagined them with bird-like heads, feline forelegs and horse hind legs.…

This may not be the traditional format but I like the nostalgia behind these hatchlings.
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Hi Kirstie, The people (including me) at the fantasy wiki "The bestiary of the Golden Hyppogriph" made a lot of improvements.

Spanish wiki:

English wiki:

images & files:

You are acknowledged in: "Agradecimientos" and "acknowledgment" sections.

i love how cute are your griffins. They look wonderful as a logo.

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Congrats on the website going live! Looks excellent! The book is a very cute touch. And thank you for the credit. :)

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hey, would it be ok with you if i use this to kinda help make a ref of my ocs light spirit, lumina? (i cant find many things on these that are that cute and perfect for it)(with credit to you of course, i like your style)
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Hi! Thank you for asking! As long as you put in a credit, that's fine. :) Glad it helps!
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thanks! i thought for a moment that you would say no, but thanks agin for letting me use it then to help make a ref for lumina ^u^
also those little hippogriffs are cute, did you ever make them into ocs or think abot doing so? they would be cute ones ^u^
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No problem! Ah, no I didn't. I did consider doing little griffin-like adopts but.... figured no one would be really interested in buying them. ^_^;;
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i would, if i had the money ;u;'
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Aww thank you for your encouragement!
Velvet-Harmonys-Art's avatar
your welcome ^u^
and its true, i would buy one from you if i had money but im basically broke lol
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Oh man i really want to cuddle those bottom ones.... despite me commenting years late, these are still incredibly adorable!
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Never too late! Thank you very much!
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Hippogriffs dont have feline parts.  Yes Hippogriffs are part Griffin and Horse and Griffins are part lion, but Hippogriffs are "eagle horses".
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There are a lot of interpretations of mythical creatures. And as they aren't real I don't think there is any one 'correct' view. At the time of drawing these I was inspired by the Warhammer models my brother collected and they had this configuration.
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Hippogriffs are part bird, part hooved animal (deer, horse ect) Griffins are Part bird part feline...…  BUT saying that, I love the little owl ones on the bottom. <3
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I really should update the description on this. My brother had always been into the Warhammer miniatures and that's where I first saw a lot of mythological creatures. And they do their hippogriffs like this. ;)…

Glad you still like them though.
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Oh... I dont like them. I love them Lol. They are cute and very soft and cuddle friendly looking... 
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awwwwwwwwwwww its so cutttteeee
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O.O It's sooooo cute!!!!
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Heh, glad you like!
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I do! And i wish to be as good as u! but i always FAIL!
Have a nice day ^^
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Just gotta keep practicing! There are plenty of people I wish I was as good as. But we all have to start somewhere. ;)

(my first drawings were soooo bad. Stick-figure bad!)
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