Doom for Royal Woods

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New Loud House fanfic that I am planing! Also this might be more dramatic than my other Loud House fanfictions.

A evil villain named Patch Black came to take over Royal Woods and mind controls Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola. He also kidnaps the Loud, McBride, and Santiago familes and the pets get mind controlled too. Lincoln, Lori, Clyde, and Bobby are the only remaning members of their famlies. Now it's up to Lincoln with the help of Lori and Clyde to save the captured famlies, free the mind controlled sisters and also free the mind controlled pets, and save Royal Woods.

So what do you think?
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Good Plot of a Fan Fic. I am doing a Crossover with KND Count Spankoult

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What about the rest of the families? Does anything happen to them?
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Interesting... I'd probably add an after credits sequence like this:

Patch Black: I am sorry, master. I have failed you. 
???: Fine. I guess I'll take care of it myself. And I won't be needing YOU anymore. 
Patch Black: Wait what?! What are you doing?! NO! WAIT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
???: Sorry Patch, but you're too weak... (reveals a face like Lincoln's) and I AM SATAN. 
(Patch screams as clone Lincoln eats the screen, cut to black)
To be continued... in The Loud House - The Wrath of Neuro. 

This is clone Lincoln/Neuro: Neuro (Lincoln.exe) 
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Actually I am thinking of doing a sequel to this called The Return of Patch Black.
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Ok. So then my after credits would come after Return of Patch Black?
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Well maybe I'll let you do your take on what happens afterwards.
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That would be useful for the movie in 2020
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Yep! Also do you think it would make sense for Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola being the sisters to get mind controlled?
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Yeah, though I would probably add Leni too, since she'd be the most easily mind controlled one.
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Actually I picked four so that it would be a few of the sisters getting mind controlled by Patch Black.
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Ah, that makes sense.
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this sounds cool.
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Thanks! Also what do you think of the idea of Luan, Lynn, Lola, Lana, and the pets getting mind controled by the bad guy?
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I think hypnosis is actually really cool! :D
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Now if this was a real episode, it could work as a Season finale.
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Nice. I'm making a fanfic where the Royal Woods citizens are turned into dinosaurs 
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