Doom for Royal Woods Sneak Peak

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Doom for Royal Woods Sneak Peak

Rita: Ok, ready to take our big family picture together?
Lincoln: WAIT!
Rita: Lincoln, did you really had to shout that loud?
Lincoln: There is a few that we are missing.
Luna: Uh, what do you mean by a few Lincoln?
Lincoln: Look and notice. Where's Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola? (Everyone then begins to notice)
Lynn Sr.: Oh no! Lincoln is right! We're missing a few of the girls!
Leni: That makes four gone!
Lisa: We can't have a family pic with just only nine Louds and four pets!
(Just then Hops comes in as he hops right to the Loud family at the front yard)
Lincoln: Hops? What are you doing here?
(Hops croaks about what is about to happen)
Lincoln: I'm sorry what?
(Hops then puts a patch and does some evil laughing to imitate Patch Black then makes his eyes red and acts like a zombie to imitate when he saw that Lana got mind controlled so that he can try to tell Lincoln what he saw)
Lincoln: Still don't understand what you are trying to tell us.
(Hops then grabs a stick and writes the words in the dirt that says "A Evil Villain is on the loose".)
Lincoln: A Evil villain on the loose?
(Suddenly a ufo like aircraft comes in and lands near the Loud house. the wide door of it opens and reveals Wallan and Sydney)
Wallan: Hello Louds.
Lori: (gasp) Is that Wallan? The guy who came to the front door of our house?
Leni: and Sydney who is the woman who gave us a place to chill at the park is there too!
Lincoln: What is this!? I, I thought you two were nice!
Wallan: No time to talk about it, because here is a big surprise for you! (Wallan gets out his mike) Uh is this on? (taps on the mike to check if it's working) Oh there we go. (Wallan begins to talk through his mike) Beware! As the master of fate has arrived! Put your hands together for Patch Black! (Patch Black steps in as his full revealed body from hiding behind the shadow is shown)
Luna: Patch Black?
Patch Black: that's wright Loud family, and I am here to ruin your lives. (Patch Black gets out a shooter gun and it shoots out a long rope and catches Rita and Lynn Sr. and it drags them to the open door of the aircraft. Then Patch Black does his evil laugh)
Lincoln: What are you doing here, and why did you take our parents away from us!?
Patch Black: Well I am here to take over Royal Woods, starting off with threatening this family!
Lisa: You can't take over this place!
Patch Black: Oh but I can. I am going to be the take over of this whole city and no one will stop me! (laughs) Also these two Wallan and Sydney who you thought were friendly people are actually not! They are my henchmen as they work for me. They were pretending to be nice so that you can all fall into our trap!
Wallan: Face your doom, Louds!
Leni: I'm scared!
Luna: Now no worries sis, he's just a evil bad guy.
Lincoln: On a realization. I bet you must be the one behind where Luan, Lynn, and the twins disappeared to! What did you do with them and where are they now!?
Patch Black: Why right you are. Well right now they are... Girls, I would like all four of you to come out and show yourselfs.
(Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola come out from behind Patch Black and Wallan as they are shown that they are all under the control of Patch Black. Lincoln and the rest of his sisters gasp as they saw what has happened to the four of them)
Lincoln: What did you do to them!?
(Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola do some evil laughing)
Patch Black: Well, well, well. As you can see here. These girls are now under my control thanks to my little collar things which I call (Patch Black gets out one of the mind control like collars) the mind control gears! I mind controlled them when all of you were at the park. So now they are my minions!
Luan: That is right! Don't think that we are still your sisters!
Lynn: We now work for Patch Black!
Lana: He is our new master!
Lola: and we will do anything he says!
Lincoln: Oh no this can't be! Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola which are four of my sisters are being mind controlled by a evil creep!
Patch Black: Now care if any of you kids would be next to join by getting mind controlled?
Lincoln: No! None of us will join you!
Luna: We will not agree to work with you!
Leni: We care very deeply about each other!
Lori: and you can't make any of us help you to take over this city!
(The pets angrly agree with the kids as they get really mad at Patch Black)
Patch Black: Ok then. Maybe none of you will be the next ones to get mind controlled. But these little animal friends of yours will be as they look perfect enough to be my beast minions!
(The pets get shocked at what patch black said then patch black gets out another shooter gun and then he shoots out more mind controlled gears from the gun and they hit Charles, Cliff, and Walt. Geo then looks and noticed and get relieved that Patch Black can't mind control him because he is in his ball but then Patch Black comes down whistling and gets Geo out of his ball and puts a mind control gear on him. then Patch Black drops Geo as Geo falls back into his ball. All four of the pets got up as they saw that they are now wearing the mind control gears. They try to take them off but it was not working)
Lincoln: Oh no!
Patch Black: Oh yes!
(Patch Black does his evil laugh yet again as he presses the button which electrocutes the pets. The pets fell after getting electrocuted then the gears glow red and the pets then get up where their eyes have become red which now has the pets themselves being under control of Patch Black. The kids then gasp as they saw that the pets are now mind controlled by Patch Black)
Patch Black: So you little critters want to join?
(the pets while being mind controlled nod in agreement and they walk up to the door as they are now part of Patch Black's group)
Lincoln: You can't do this Patch Black!
Patch Black: (laughs) Sorry Lincoln, but my goal here is to take over Royal Woods and become the new leader where no body will be safe!
(Patch Black does his evil laugh with Wallan, Sydney, Luan, Lynn, Lana, Lola, Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt laughing next to him)
Patch Black: I will take this city in jeopardy!
Wallan, Sydney, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola: Yeah!
Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Lucy, and Lisa: Oh no!
Here is the Sneak Peak for my Loud House fanfic Doom for Royal Woods.…,…

The Loud House is owned by Chris Savino.
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Nice. Might upload a teaser for WoN soon.