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Tron iOS Wallpaper Pack

Tron Lightcycle iOS Wallpaper Pack

Lightcycle designed in Illustrator
Everything else designed in Photoshop

Due to the nature of the design, there are two wallpapers for iPad, depending the orientation that you typical use the iPad on.

Content of Zip file:

If you download, please comment or favourite.
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Very nice, clever.
adrian1997's avatar
Really great design! :D
nggak's avatar
cool, thx dude :)
rainmanbabbit's avatar
Pretty please make one for the iphone 5. I've tried so many time to just scale the smaller one, it just doesn't work
deebeeArt's avatar
Just updated it for you :D
See my gallery for the new one.
Merry Christmas!
thank you thank you thank you
Merry Christmas to you too
i want this in android "se puede?" :D xD sorry im not speak english very well -.-
deebeeArt's avatar
These were designed for iOS devices in mind as the light cycles go around the icons.
I haven't done any for Android as the screen resolution for those phones vary from device to device.
(Hope you understood that) :)
ammm ok -.- anyway i get a similar theme xD thanks for responding and sorry for my bad english -.-
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These r so great! Your really talented I LOVE Tron!!
2dev-artists's avatar
Great ideas make for wonderful wallpapers.
Well done =fav
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Using it since a Dec. 2010 Now we need wallpaper for a mac :D
deebeeArt's avatar
I've had a few people ask for that. The idea of this wallpaper is that the lightcycles are going around the app icons. I may have a go at a larger one.
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how do i download this for i-pod (3rd gen)?
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You need to download and extract the ZIP file and sync the 'tron-iphone.png' file to your iPod.
SpawnReaper's avatar
This is the one of the best/coolest Tron wallpapers I've seen. Any chance of a PC version?
Kharas86's avatar
Love Tron, thanks alot :D
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