The Strength of The Wolf: Prologue

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Their eyes remained fixed on each other, hate and disdain reflected back on the other. Finally the Inquisitor spoke, his voice quiet but cold and edged with venom.
"Your crime is apostasy. You reject us. You turn away from truth. Yours is an affliction of weakness, the inability to receive the testimony of your Lord." The fire crackled, wood and tinder slowly broke under the weight of the hammer resting in the flame. It had begun to glow red, as if lit from within.
"Insipientia corde suo, non es deus. Non est vita qui adorem, non es usque ad unum. Es excommunicatus, ex unione fidelium." The Inquisitor's mouth pulled into a grotesque approximation of a smile, lips pulled back from white teeth set in gums crimson as blood.
"It is not heresy, and I will not recant!" The Accused spoke with fury, his voice though ragged still rang out in the chamber.
"You cannot silence me. You cannot kill me. I am an idea. I am the panacea to your fetid charnel house. Your lies will not stand and I will not bend knee to your will!" He rose with great effort, bones long-broken twisted gouging flesh beneath ragged skin and muscles tore as if sails in a storm.
"You treat men as dogs. You set us upon each other, torment us, make our humanity wither in your shadow." His voice broke, if not the for the physical strain but the emotional one which scraped and cut him,"I will not suffer in the dark anymore, I am the animal you hath wrought! Others will come after me, truth having cast them as hard as steel. We are not men disguised as mere dogs, we are wolves disguised as men. We shall tear the heart of darkness from this beast."
"Enough! Enough of your voice, your lies… I will christen my maul with your blood, a baptism you sorely need! You are but a man, but if you claim the company of wolves then I am the huntsman sent to clear your kind from the flock."
The Inquisitor turned and saw his fate held up in a gloved hand, glowing in flickering firelight. It came down and split his skull, invisible seams broke and came apart as brains and blood escaped under the hammer's assault. Then there was a stillness, an unearthly silence. A peal of laughter rose up from The Accused broken by sobs as dry as blown leaves in the wind.
"Wolves do not hunt alone, Inquisitor! It is only in the tales that humans tell do the hunters kill the wolves in the end.”
I wanted to take a random set of song and music quotes and build a story using them. It worked well and the setting is one I want to return to one day.
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