Childhood's End

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We live in a liminal state in our planet's life, a halfway mark twixt a Golden or Dark Age. No more are the cycles of life and death ruled by Nature's balance but by Humanity's collective will and disregard. We are at a tipping point, our planet is at the precipice of a great extinction on a scale last seen after a celestial impact sixty-five million years ago. It took apocalyptic force from the starry skies to equal our adolescence as a species. What brought us to this edge, to this great ruination? Ignorance. The ignorance unique to the young and prideful. Our success with our spirits and mind has subjugated all Nature who lies red in tooth and claw. We as a species are still mere steps from our ancestral Africa yet our sooty fingerprints stain every corner of our globe. We have grown quickly and lacking wisdom have grown bent and twisted.
We still huddle in thuggish clans. We ally ourselves to colors and cloth but not to each other. We believe as babes do, in superstition and invisible friends. The stars call us! Our planet screams. Our spirits are dying. However, we bawl and fight and rend each other till only sorrow and graves are left.
Time to put away the trappings of childhood. Its end has come at last. The sword and cross are toys we can no longer afford. We must love each other not because we are commanded but because we know we must. The tools of our survival lay before us, our minds civilized us. We tilled, farmed, bred and were changed. We may master the atom and gene if we dare for if we don't, we are dead. Humanity will be also-rans, a footnote in galactic history, bipedal primates who lived on stagnant pools of liquified reptile remains.
The stars are silent. We have never heard alien voices amongst the dark gulfs of the cosmos. We are alone and small. If we die here, the universe will be still and quiet. This pale blue dot a grave till consumed by our lonely star. I cannot accept that; we must not accept this. If we Mankind be alone then so be it but let us not die ignominiously in the night, let us seed the great abyss. Let us brave the infinite as brothers and sisters, the monuments of our adolescence behind us. Let us leave our temples and battlefields as museums to before we gained true humanity and ventured at last to new horizons never glimpsed and light years beyond.
A simple plea screamed into the electronic ether…
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