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10x for your llama :)

You're welcome! ^^


I am back with a new suggestion.

There is a TamperMonkey code to replace the logo with the old one but it only works on V7.

Can you remake it? Along with older logo?

Hi! I actually did something like this as well in the past:

Change Deviantart Logo - UserStyle / CSS

I adjusted the script, so it works for me in eclipse and firefox.

You just need an URL or data-URI and set the image size in the script.

I also included a comment how to adjust it to also remove the "Deviantart" text, in case you have old logos including the font.

EDIT: here is the userstyle link as well:


Did you know that the Group tab still has the Advanced Search? While DA remove it in the classic Search bar?

DeviantArt - Advanced Search in Group

Hi! Thanks for telling me!

I'm not very surprised, since many group-related pages are still using the old DA page.

Probably because they couldn't make a WIX-based template in time. ^^'

I know right? The Group Tab and the Forum Tab are the only place to feel the good old day of DA.

The existence of the Advanced Search proves it isn't expansive or costly. In a site like DA, this is helpful!

A shame. The fact that Derpibooru still has it put DA in shame.

Maybe WIX doesn't know how to implant the Eclipse template in group or they didn't know as they remove Advanced Search and Search in Fav. Remember the "Welcome Deviant" messages? They must be connected.