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every time we talk , My heart skips a beat, every time we Video chat , my heart starts to melt like the lava , every time I saw you , I always smiles and giggles a lot, every time I'm around you ,  I can be myself , every time I've think about you, I can't never get you out of my mind, every time you said " I love you'' , makes me feel really happy and I'm the only girl in the world. This strange feeling inside. Is this True love? or I'm fallen for him? what is it?

I love you Braeden / My red panda aka RaindowDash.

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Im gonna starts telling you how much i fucking love you now

Everytime I talk to you,
It makes my heart beat fast.
Everytime you say you love me,
It makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world.
When you call me your angel makes me feel good.
And showing how much you love me.
Everytime you sing to me it makes me really happy.
Everytime we video chat,
I look at you showing me how lucky I am to have you in my life.
Everytime I hear you are in the ER I get very worried.
I start to cry.
I really love you, John.
I hope I get you to trust me again.
You can trust me.
Everyday my heart still skips beats just thinking about you.
I really love you.
I hope you love me back.
The same way we first met.
You are my true love.
You always will be.
you give me one rose each monday, the next day you give me five more roses , The next Day you look at me said how are you? i'll say im good , The Next day I saw you with a other girl , i look away now  i was crying , The next day the day was looking for the girl gives the rose too , the girl walks to her class , The boy find her in her gym class. The Boy ask her a ? ' she said okay' The boy do you have a boyfriend , the girl said 'no why' The boy said good becasue i really like and i want you to be my girlfriend and the roses i give you becasue i love you! i can't stop thinking about you and i give you the how meny roses i give is means how much i really love you.

I know i did't to good i this sooo it's my first time so yeah
anyways i hope you guys like it :)